Tori Grey

Tori Grey

Player: Kristin
*Disclaimer: This player does not run Cyber Scenes.*


  • Rabbit

Creature Type: Changeling

Kith: Piskey

Court: Seelie

Seeming: Wilder


Motley: Kirah, Aryn, Sheri, Fionn,

Titles: Mom

Date of Birth: January10th, 1992


Mortal Seeming:
In her mortal seeming, Tori has long blonde hair that hangs in waves down her back. Her eyes are a luminous, crystal blue . Her body is slim, but athletic and well toned from years of performing and she stands at 5'4"

Fae Seeming:
In her fae seeming, Tori's hair is a glistening silver. It is still long (about just past her butt atm), wavy, and thick enough that when worn down her long pointy ears just peak out. Her eyes are the same and stand out against the lightness of her skin. (Alluring, Gorgeous, Magnetic x2, and Changeling Eyes)

Everyday Outfit:
Her clothing taste tends to be very well worn and relaxed. Usually, unless it's a special occasion, she can be found in her pink converse, a pair of jeans, and a shirt or hoody a couple sizes to big. She has recently started wearing dresses more often as the weather gets warmer.

Battle Gear:
Rabbit battle…Really?!


  • Kirah Grey
    • Sister
    • Pooka
    • Kirah and Tori talk of times long past and centuries of being together. Kirah is protective, almost overly so, of Tori and to Tori Kirah is everything.
  • Sheri and Fionn Ni Murchu
    • Sister and Brother in Law
    • Pooka and Selkie respectively
    • Sheri is up on the list of the important people in Tori's life. Sheri's protectiveness of Tori rivals Kirah's and Tori adores her sister for it. Tori and Fionn are not as close as her and her sisters, but she likes him all the same. She's happy him and Sheri are together as they tend to balance each other out.
  • Jacob Grey
    • Son
    • Jacob's biological parents are Trevor and a young girl who sadly died from a heart condition. He was left in Trev's apartment and after she found out his mom died, Tori adopted him. She loves him like her own. He is currently a happy bouncy 2 year old.
    • Birthday: January 17th, 2010
  • Brielle Lillian Grey
    • Daughter
    • She was born healthy and five weeks early, breaking her poor momma's tailbone on her way out. Her father was the late Jasper Frieze.
    • Birthday: March 18th, 2011
  • Remy and Aimee Grey
    • Father and Mother Respectively
    • Pooka and Kinain
    • Both are loving parents and work at the carnival. Dad is a tomcat and performs as an animal trainer, mom works aerial silks and tightropes.
  • Aryn
    • Sister and Shadow
    • Troll
    • Aryn is just…brilliant. Aryn helps Tori out when she needs to and watches over her when her sisters can't. She thinks Gummy Worms are odd and tends to shadow Tori when Kirah is not around.

Common Knowledge

  • Tori has gone through at least three different relationships since December 2010.
  • She has almost died twice.
  • She tends to see the best in people and overlooks the bad points
  • She feels deeply and tries to make everyone happy, usually failing someone in the process
  • She loves kids
  • She's recently been called out as a ravager and it is known she ravaged Max's sister
  • She owns My Bar and helps run Nola
  • She's been physically and possibly emotional abused by Jasper
  • Jasper and her were going to get married.
  • She is very active in the community and puts a lot of time in at the shelters.
  • Is being investigated for the disappearances and murder of Max, Olly, Trevor, and Jasper as she was either the last to see them or was linked to them romantically.


  • Has an infamous reputation
  • Has been in some amateur porn, her first being "Goats Gone Wild"
  • Has a messiah complex
  • Is secretly a satyr, but is glamoured to look like a piskey
  • Is kinda a slut
  • Is cursed in the romance department
  • Is currently dating Evan, though she denies it.
  • Was involved in Max's death.
  • Doesn't know who the father of her child is.
  • Is a black widow and dates fae just to kill them for their businesses


  • "There is a rule put something in quotations and it becomes a word."

Daily Routine

  • Wake up around five am, shower, eat, feed Jake, get ready for work, get Jake ready for the day (either to go with her to work or to hang with Auntie Aryn or Auntie Sheri), go to work (Either hitting the bar to work a minor kitchen shift with frequent breaks, talking to Becca to make sure Nola is running smoothly, or helping out at the circus), lunch either at Nola or at the bar, call Eric and/or Misty and go over the day's business for My Bar, take Jake to the park, back to work, head home or to the freehold for dinner after picking Jake up, get Jake ready for bed (checking on him throughout the night, insert hanging with people somewhere in this spot, check in on Jake again (insert nighttime feeding and changing if he's up), relax and unwind with a movie or a long bath, sleep and repeat.


  • Helped rescue Sarah from St.Anthony's Asylum (given to her by a fairy godfather)
  • Helped rescue Dr. N.F.B from the Dreaming.
  • Helped rescue Murdock from a unseelie Pooka.
  • Acted as the Champion for the Dreaming in the execution of the Dauntain Seamus
  • Helped complete the Oath of Long Road and regained the coat of a long expired Selkie
  • Released a not so good fae in the process of completing the Oath of Long Road
  • Helped seal and clean up the oil spill in the gulf
  • Helped bring back Bethany from the dreaming
  • Helped retrieve the antidote to save the Countess
  • Helped put down Max after he kidnapped the very pregnant Sheri
  • Helped retrieve another selkie coat from the Asylum
  • Helped rescue Teether…sorta
  • Helped in the rescue of the missing children from the Asylum

IC Contact Info

  • By cellphone or home phone
  • By visiting My Bar
  • By talking to her family or friends


  • Harry Connick Jr.-With Imagination (I'll Get There)
  • Dean Martin-Baby It's Cold Outside
  • Taylor Swift-Love Story
  • Nickel Creek-When You Come Back Down
  • Alice in Wonder Land-In My Own Little World
  • Gym Class Heroes-Cupid's Chokehold (describes her relationship choices)
  • Lifehouse-Everything
  • Mumford and Sons-Little Lion Man
  • Colbie Caillat - I Never Told You

OOC Information

Player: Kristin Cornett

Time Zone: Central

Location: IL

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: moc.oohay|9esumailahT#moc.oohay|9esumailahT
    • Please list CW - <Enter Character Name> in the beginning of the subject line.
  • IRC: Kristin_OOC, Kristin_sortahere, Kristin_Zombie

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