Sunshine "Sunny" Baker
Name - Sunshine "Sunny" Baker

Kith - Boggan

Seeming - Wilder

Court- Seelie

House- None yet

Title - None Yet

Motley - None Yet

Notable Traits - 3 app traits

Description -
Mortal: 16 year old girl with unruly golden curls and blue eyes. She is plus-sized, and quite lovely (3 app). She is generally seen in stylish jeans and blouses.

Changeling: 16 year old girl with the same unruly golden curls and blue eyes. She's more buxom, but otherwise the same in build. She wears full skirts and peasant blouses with vests that accentuate her figure. She has the typical dual pair of eyebrows and furry feet of her kith. Her cheeks are constantly rosy and she exudes friendly warmth to all.

She is 5'4" in both mortal and changeling seemings.


==Information known ==

Family: Kinain parents

Quests: none yet

== Rumors ==

Her brother was a better baker and a better boggan all around.
Her brother served in a Duke's household.


None yet

==OOC Information==

Player - Nicki Boyles

Location - Austin, TX

Contact info - moc.liamg||

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