Sir Evan

Sir Evan


Player: Player Character

Aliases: Evan

Creature Type: Changeling

Kith Eshu

Court Seelie

Seeming GRUMP

House Fionna

Titles: Knight

Date of Birth: 01/12/1984


Mortal Seeming:
Evan is a man in his mid twenties that has that rugged construction worker look. He dresses most often in jeans and a nice button down dress shirt with a white tank underneath. He stands around 6ft tall and has a pleasant feel about him. (5 appearance Traits.)

Fae Seeming:
Evan has the slightly pointed ears, his skin more tan and he smells of sandalwood. When on duty he wears his leather knightly armor with the crest of house Fiona on the breast plate. He has a knight sword which in the mundane world appears to be a walking stick. (5 appearance Traits.)


  • No known family

Common Knowledge

  • He is a county knight on loan from the County in retainer to Baron Rothguard
  • He broke his oath of feality to Count Ashton to defend Nadia's Honor
  • He "talked" to Jasper after he saw Tori had bruises on her arm


  • Sir Evan asked for this assignment so that he could concentrate on winning Nadia's hand.
  • He is heartbroken that Liam has stolen the girl he loves.
  • Nadia and Evan are secretly planning to marry as she keeps his ring on a necklace around her neck.

Daily Routine

  • Evan can be found at the barony freehold most nights.
  • Evan leads a construction crew for a local company.


This can be gained through roleplay.

IC Contact Info

  • Contact Nikki (Lead Changeling St)
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