Reverend Zombie

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Reverend Zombie

Player: Troy Jackson
*Disclaimer: This player does not run Cyber Scenes.*

Creature Type: Changeling

Kith Sluagh

Court Unseelie

Seeming Grump

Motley Web of Shadows

Date of Birth: 7/10/78

Mortal Seeming:
It is very rare for even the humans to see Reverend Zombie as he truly is. He is always dressed in very eccentric outfits, either the robes of a catholic priest with various bits of Voodoo attire such as his Gree Gree bag and jewelry made of bone. His face is almost always covered with a mask similar to those used by the Spanish in their day of the dead celebrations.

Fae Seeming:
Much the same as his Mortal seeming except instead of a mask his face is that of a bald pale zombie. His eyes peer from their sockets dead and sunken. When seen without shirt he is malnourished and yellow, the skin stretched over the bone with little muscle or fat between them.

Everyday Outfit:
Lately he has been seen wearing the thick coat of a catholic priest with rosary beads fashioned in a noose. Hanging from the noose is a small voodoo doll.

Battle Gear:
The Reverend tries to stay out of combat as much as possible so is battle gear is little different than his every day wear.

Common Knowledge

* Reverend Zombie is a practitioner of the dark arts, often lending his services to those in need of them.
* Reverend Zombie owns "Reverend Zombies House of Voodoo" an occult shop just off of Bourbon Street in New Orleans.
* Reverend Zombie has been known to take students from those who he catches shoplifting from his store or from fae he finds interesting.
* He is the known father of Destiny's baby but whether they are in love and will get married is unknown
* His daughter Evangeline Ravenia was born 10 weeks early and was sent home in good health after a couple weeks


* Reverend Zombie is a being of pure evil, no longer a true fae but the ghost of a long dead being.
* Reverend Zombie killed his last student when they tried to take his power by force.
* He spends a great deal of time with vampires and even wields some of their power.
* Reverend Zombie bursts into flames if touched by direct sunlight.

Daily Routine

* He can often be found in his shop, dealing with its day to day maintenance.
* He is never seen during the day and avoids large crowds and loud noises.
* When he is at the freehold he often whispers to himself.



IC Contact Info

* Reverend Zombie has a cellphone as well as a phone at the store. He can be reached by either most nights.
* Reverend Zombie can be found at his shop or the Bourbon Street Freehold. He is sometimes found in St. Louis Cemetery performing dark rites or collecting regnants for mystic purpose.


* "When your Evil" Voltaire
* "Bloodletting" Concrete Blonde
* "I put a spell on you" Marilyn Manson

OOC Information

Player: Troy

Time Zone: Central

Location: Mississippi

Contact Info:

* E-mail: moc.oohay|666_suoehprom#moc.oohay|666_suoehprom
* IRC: Reverend_Zombie, TRoVeR_ooC

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