Oath of Clasped Hands
Blood for blood, bone for bone, life for life, until only we stride the earth. My life is in your hands, my blood is in your veins. Hold me well and I will lend you my strength; break your bond and may we both perish. Friendship I swear to you, an oath of clasped hands and shared hearts.

* Cost: None.
* Receive: Gain 1 permanent Willpower trait.
* Broken: Loose 2 permanent Willpower traits.

Oath of Fealty, Made by a Vassal unto Her Liege
I swear fealty unto you, Lady (or Lord). Your command is my desire, and your request my desire. May my service always please, and may my sight grow dark if it does not. As the tides to the moon, my will to yours, my liege.

* Cost: 1 temporary Willpower trait.
* Receive: 2 additional traits used to resist mental domination by others (example. Use of the Arts of Chicanery, or Sovereign; or a Vampire's Dominate discipline). However, the liege to whom the oath is made may use those 2 traits as negative traits for the sworn should the liege wish to dominate the sworn.
* Broken: Loose 3 temporary Willpower traits, and 1 of those Willpower traits permanently.

Oath of Noblis Oblige
I take you as my vassal. You are of my house, even as the very stones. I pledge to hold you, to guard you, and to keep you. I pledge to honor your service as it deserves, and reward your loyalty in kind. As the moon to the seas below, my will to yours. I pledge the Escheat to you.

* Cost: 1 temporary Glamour trait.
* Receive: Regain any willpower traits invested into an oath with vassal.
* Broken: Gain 1 permanent trait of Banality.

Oath of Accepted Burden
Lay down your burden, that I might take it up. The road is long, and I swear I shall bear it for you, until all roads end. I shall (the actual task is named here), else may the road cease to lie beneath my feet.

* Cost: None
* Receive: Refreshed Willpower and Glamour traits up to permanent level.
* Broken: Gain 1 Banality Trait.

Oath of Guardianship
As the sun guards the earth by day, as the stars by night, so shall I serve thee. This my duty I shall not abandon (object of oath) until (duration of oath), else may the stars close their eyes and sleep.

* Cost: None
* Receive: None
* Broken: Curse to never spend two nights in the same bed until a century has passed.

Oath of True-hearts
I give a gift of myself to thee. Take it freely; freely is it offered, and until (duration of oath) comes, thou, (object of oath), shalt have me in thy keeping. I swear love unto you and pledge you my troth. May those who watch over love watch over this oath and those who keep it, and may we never find fault in their eyes.

* Cost: 1 temporary glamour trait.
* Receive: An additional trait of glamour from any rapture.
* Broken: Gain 1 permanent trait of Banality.

The Oath of the Long Road
This I Swear: That I shall (nature of quest undertaken) or lose my honor, that I shall (nature of quest) or lay down my sword, that I shall (nature of quest) or Dream no more. You and the sky are my witnesses, so may it be.

* Cost: None
* Receive: 1 extra temporary Glamour trait, 1 extra temporary Willpower trait.
* Broken:
o Failure: Loose 3 temporary Willpower traits, and 1 permanent Willpower Trait. Also loose 3 temporary Glamour traits, and 1 permanent Glamour trait.
o Abandonment: Loose all temporary Glamour and Willpower traits. Loose 2 Glamour traits permanently, and loose 2 Willpower traits permanently. Gain 1 permanent trait of Banality.

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