**Nadia Robicheaux


Player: Katie Nance
*Disclaimer: This player does not run Cyber Scenes.*


  • The Snake Lady.

Creature Type: Changeling

Kith Eshu

Court Seelie

Seeming Wilder

House N/A

Motley Evan

Titles: N/A

Date of Birth: <Enter Date >


Mortal Seeming:
She is a very mysterious beauty, with a sexy smile on her lips, giving one to think she knows deep dark secrets. She has long healthy brown hair, that she keeps most of the time, flowing down her back. Her eyes are dark and wickedly sensuous, making a man feel like he is the only one in the room, when he speaks to her. She oozes lust and desire when she walks across a room, the sway of her hips making one take notice that she is a dancer. Nadia looks very exotic like she stepped from the pages of history, when the creole women were very much sought after. It is very obvious that her ancestors come from french and spanish descendents. She looks to be in her early twenties and stands at just over five feet tall and is very slender. She also has a tattoo on the side of her face, making most people drawn to her.

Fae Seeming:
Nadia has a dark cocoa complexion with a little cream in her coffee. She has dark amber eyes, that seem to burn through someone. Her smiles lights up a room and she is very quiet. Her movements are very exaggerated as if desire permeates through every pore of her body. She is not very muscular but has been known to be deadly with a knife in her hands.

Everyday Outfit:
She usually has a sheer scarf wrapped around her head and along the lower half of her face. She wears her engagement ring on her finger, and has lots of bangle bracelets along her wrists. She wears a beautiful necklace that Evan got for her. And usually she can be found wearing something wickedly sensual, tight jeans, a corset, her bellydancing outfit. Now she is given to wearing gothic style clothing, bondage shirts, leather skirts, stilletto boots. She needs no make up, but she does dab on some lipstick to mark Evan as hers when she kisses him.

Battle Gear:
Usually she does not have on battle gear, but occassionally, Evan slaps one of his construction helmets on her head, or puts her in some sort of leather armor. She carries her knives and that is about it.


  • Gaston Robicheaux
    • Father
    • None
    • Deceased
  • Angela Robicheaux
    • Mother
    • None
    • Died by Nadia's own hand.
  • Destiny
    • Adopted sister
    • None
    • Involved with the Rev.

Common Knowledge

  • Nadia worked for the circus.
  • Nadia was involved with Liam and in love with him at one time.
  • She is happily engaged and plans to marry Evan.
  • She killed her mother.


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