Merits And Flaws

Merits and Flaws:
(And clarifications)

All Merits and Flaws can be found in the Shining host on pp. 104-116, minus those listed below. If it is a kith Merit or Flaw please don’t try and take it on another kith.

Master Changeling Merits & Flaws List:

Okies if it is marked rare you best have a good explanation and be ready to convince Nikki.


Merit Name / Cost / Page#

  1. Ability Aptitude /1pt/103
  2. Acute Sense/ 1pt/103
  3. Ambidextrous /1pt /103
  4. Animal Affinity /2pt /103
  5. Art Affinity /5pt /111
  6. Busy Helper /5pt /103
  7. Catlike Balance /1pt /113 LoNR
  8. Cat Senses / 5pt /104
  9. Celestial Attunement /1pt /105
  10. Chimerical Craftsman /5pt /103
  11. Code of Honor /2pt /114
  12. Common Sense /1pt /105
  13. Danger Sense /2pt /110
  14. Double Jointed /1pt /107
  15. Eidetic Memory /2pt /106
  16. Fae Eternity RARE /5pt /110
  17. Fae Songs /1-5pt /109
  18. Higher Purpose /1pt /114
  19. Huge Size / 3pt /108
  20. Immortal Passion / 5pt /111
  21. Iron Resistance RARE/ 4pt /110
  22. Iron Will RARE /3pt /106
  23. Jack of all Trades / 5pt/ 103
  24. Kith Affinity / 2pt/ 104
  25. Loyal Heart / 5pt/ 114
  26. Luck (CAPPED) /3pt /110
  27. Mansion /2pt /106
  28. Mass Appeal /1-5pt/ 109
  29. Natural Appreciation /5pt /104
  30. Nightclub /2pt /107
  31. One Bad Dude /5pt /114
  32. Past Life /1-4pt /109
  33. Poetic Heart /3pt /110
  34. Regeneration /7pt /111
  35. Seemings Blessing / 5pt /110
  36. Shaman/Medium / 2pt /110
  37. True Love / 4pt /109
  38. Unbondable / N/A /110
  39. Water Baby / 5pt /103
  40. Winged /4pt /112


Flaw Name / Points / Page#

  1. Absentminded /3pts /106
  2. Amnesia /2pts /106
  3. Bad Moon /5pts /113
  4. Banality's Curse /5pts /113
  5. Blind /6pts /104
  6. Bound Essence /5pts /113
  7. Changeling Eyes /1pt /108
  8. Child /3pts /108
  9. Chimerical Magnet /5pts /113
  10. Cleared Mists /3pts /112
  11. Color Blindness /1pts /104
  12. Compulsion /1pts /114
  13. Confused /2pts /106
  14. Curiosity /2pts /116
  15. Cyclical Court /1-3pts /114
  16. Dark Fate /n/a /113
  17. Deaf /3pts /104
  18. Deformity /3pts /108
  19. Disfigured /2pts /108
  20. Driving Goal /3pts /116
  21. Echoes /2-5pts /112
  22. Endless Frustration /5pts /103
  23. Enemy /1-5pts /105
  24. Geas /1-5pts /111
  25. Greedy Glamour /5pts /113
  26. Hatred /3pts /116
  27. Hunted /4pts /107
  28. Immortal Passion /4pts /111
  29. Intolerance /1pts /115
  30. Kith Enmity /2pts /105
  31. Lame /3pts /108
  32. Lifesaver /3pts /116
  33. Low Self-image /2pts /115
  34. Mute /4pts /109
  35. Nightmares /1pts /115
  36. Notoriety /3pts /105
  37. Oathbound Health /5pts /113
  38. One Arm /3pts /108
  39. One Eye /2pts /104
  40. Overconfident /1pts /115
  41. Persistent Parents /2pts /107
  42. Phobia /3-4pts /116
  43. Short /1pts /108
  44. Shy /1pts /115
  45. Slipped Seeming /1-5pts /112
  46. Softhearted /1pts /115
  47. Surreal Quality /2pts /112
  48. The Bard's Tongue /1pts /111
  49. Twisted Upbringing /1pts /105
  50. Vengeance /2pts /115
  51. Ward /3pts /107
  52. Weak Sense /1pts /104
  53. Winged /2pts /112
  54. Wyld Mind /2pts /116

Capped Merits and Flaws

Animal Affinity
Surreal Quality
Bard's Tongue
Short (for Childlings)
Child (For Childlings)
Changeling's Eyes

Additional Merits and Flaws

Merits are in BLUE
Flaws are in RED

Please note the Subcategory Labels to explain what Player Characters can appropriately have these merits and flaws at Listed approval. To take a merit or flaw outside appropriate category is Council approval due the rareness in nature.

Commoner Merits and Flaws

House Membership (3 Point Merit): RARERather than mere affiliation with a noble house, you have sworn the oaths that grant full membership (with the attendant Boon and Flaw). You must also possess at least one trait of the Title background.

Faerie Godparent (3 Point Merit): Your faerie soul is linked to a human or Kinain family who believes in you, and for whom you perform various favors (from granting wishes — as much as you can — to doing the housework while they sleep). Their belief strengthens you: once per story, you can avoid gaining a temporary Banality trait by making a successful Willpower test against your permanent Banality rating. Also, you gain one free Background trait in "Kinain" or "Allies." Your family knows how to summon you (calling your name three times, for instance), and while you can't necessarily teleport to their location, you will make your way to where they are as quickly as you can (one Willpower trait to resist the summons for a day). Their expectations may exceed your abilities…

Sell-Out (2 Point Flaw): Other commoners view you as a suck-up to the sidhe (whether you are or not), and even other sell-outs see you as a rival. You are 2 traits down in all Social challenges with other commoners. (Storytellers should make sure this flaw is played and it should be announced to players)

Merits and Flaws from War in Concordia

Commanding Voice (1 Point Merit): You can make yourself heard for long distances without appearing to shout, regardless of the general noise level. Good for quieting a room or giving battlefield orders.

Crack Shot (3 Point Merit): You are one trait up in all challenges involving Firearms, Archery, or other distance weapons.

Changeling: the Dreaming 2nd ed.

Chimerical Disability (1-5 Point Flaw) (inspired by the Flaw of the same name on p. 164): Your fae mien suffers from a permanent disability that does not affect your mortal seeming. Choose an appropriate Flaw from the Awareness or Physical categories; the point value of the Flaw will be one less (and so cannot be a normally one-trait Flaw), with a maximum of 5. Your interaction with the chimerical world will be hampered (and with the real world as well when you Call Upon the Wyrd); "denying" your disability (if possible) will probably incur temporary Banality. (Storytellers should make sure this flaw is played)

Iron Allergy (3-5 Point Flaw) (p. 160) You are much more sensitive to the effects of cold iron. Mere brief contact with it causes blistering wounds. At 3 traits, you suffer 1 Health level of chimerical damage per turn. At 4 traits, you take one level of real damage every three turns of exposure. As a 5-trait Flaw, you suffer the effects of the 4-trait version when within a foot of the iron and take one level of aggravated damage per turn of contact. — Cold iron weapons do an extra level of chimerical, real, or aggravated damage to you, depending on the value of the Flaw, and at 5 traits, given the proximity problem, you won't want to be in hand-to-hand range anyway.

Throwback (1-5 Point Flaw) (p. 162) One or more of your past lives still affects you… badly. The trait value depends on whether you merely suffer nightmares and flashbacks to unfortunate or distracting moments in your previous incarnation's life, or find yourself assuming a different personality from time to time, or are afflicted by all of the above. To gain any benefit from these memories you must take the Past Life Merit. (Storyteller should assign the intensity of this flaw according to the points it grants)

All Changelings

House Friendship (2 Point Merit): ** You are an oathmate to one of the noble houses, and may claim certain rights of friendship, hospitality, and protection from members of that House. You may be asked to perform certain services for the House from time to time. This is usually an honor granted to commoners without Title, although occasionally a noble will have such ties to a House outside her own. You have one trait of Status applicable in Social challenges with members of that House and anyone else who chooses to acknowledge it. Often house oathmates wear some token or device to proclaim their loyalties.

Realm Specialization (4 Point Merit): RAREEven beyond your kith affinity, you are particularly gifted at cantrips involving a certain Realm. Normally appropriate Abilities (except Gremayre) cannot be spent for cantrip retests in a Shining Host game, but you may do so in cantrips in your specialization. Usually the Realm is the same as one's affinity, but not always. (So for example, a nocker with a Specialization in the Prop Realm could retest appropriate cantrips with the Craft Ability.)

Blackmailed (1-2 Point Flaw): Someone knows your secret, and makes you pay (money, goods, services, or information) to keep it. At one trait, the secret would inconvenience or embarrass you; at two, it could put you in danger. The blackmailer has probably taken precautions against his untimely demise at your hands, antlers, or what have you.

Oathbreaker (4-7 Point Flaw): You are known to have broken an important or powerful oath (or even several). Perhaps you are even chimerically marked as forsworn. This gets you all the "benefits" of the Flaw: Notoriety as well as the penalties of having broken a specific oath. (You and the Storyteller should decide the details.) Further, no changeling feels obligated to honor oathbonds, hospitality, or justice as far as you are concerned (cf. the House Liam Flaw). The value of the Flaw varies according to what oath has been broken and its effects on you. (Trolls with this Flaw can expect a particularly chilly reception from other trolls, they 2 additional trait down in dealing with them.) (Storytellers should make sure this flaw is played and it should be announced to players)

Cheap Date (3 Point Flaw): Your tolerance to alcohol is more or less nonexistent, which makes your Tippling Frailty for Clurichaun especially troublesome. It only takes a beer or two to make you falling-down drunk, and a shot of something stronger is almost sure to knock you out. Whenever you have a serving of alcohol, make a static Physical challenge (of varying difficulty). If you win, you are one trait down for comparison on all challenges for the next hour. On a tie, the penalty increases to three traits. If you should lose the static challenge, make an additional one (win or tie) to stay conscious, and even if you do stay conscious, you will lose all ties for the next hour.

Kith Specific


Social Dynamo (2 Point Merit): You are an especially keen observer of social interactions. You are one trait up on all challenges related to your Social Dynamics Birthright, and gain a free level of the Etiquette Ability.

Uptight (2 Point Flaw): You are straight laced and prudish, proving what everyone always knew about boggans all along. If someone is behaving inappropriately, you will tell them what you think, whether it's a good idea to do so or not.


Boon Companion (2 Point Merit): This is effectively identical to the boggan Merit: Social Dynamo. You are one trait up on all challenges related to your Insight Birthright, and gain a free level of the Etiquette Ability.

Sober Up (5 Point Merit): Like most Clurichaun, you're a hard drinker, but you have developed a special ability to sober up in a hurry when danger — or severe embarrassment — threatens (a power said to be shared by the Prodigal shape shifters of the Fianna). By spending an appropriate stamina-related Physical trait, you can banish the effects of alcohol from your system and even resist some other toxins (although those, as well as some forms of particularly strong or enchanted alcohol, will probably also require a static Physical challenge).

Overlooked (4 Point Flaw): An unfortunate side effect of your Birthright: Twinkling of an Eye, you have a hard time getting people to notice you. You must make a Simple test to get anyone to pay attention to you for any reason. This does NOT apply in combat, except in bad ways: your opponent knows you're there, but your allies might not, with varying unpleasant results. In general, when you rely on this Flaw for some advantageous use, it won't work.


Wayfarers Feet (1 Point Merit) This merit allows a character to travel barefoot without worrying about natural walking hazards, such as splinters, city debris, burning sands or jagged rock. It does not protect from extreme conditions such as walks across fire or lava, nor does it give any bonus to attacks with the feet.

Long-Winded (2-Point Merit) A character with this merit may run or jog at a steady (not sprinting) pace for up to 6 hours without feel the least bit tired. After that he must make only a normal stamina check to resist exhaustion once every half-hour and gains +2 traits in ties for that challenge, difficulty assigned by the ST.

Gift of Babel (2 point merit) The character may learn twice the number of languages that a character with the same level of linguistics ability would normally be able to learn, and all training times with this ability are cut in half.

Inspiring Story (4 Point Merit): Your tales are more than just entertainment: they can inspire your listeners to greater things. With a successful Performance challenge (difficulty equal to the number of people to be affected, min. diff. 4) you grant your listeners one free retest each to be used that day in an endeavor related to the subject or spirit of the story. (So a tale about how a great king defeated a dragon would grant retests related to overcoming great difficulty — or perhaps merely an actual hostile chimera). The Eshu him- or herself does not gain this benefit. This does not stack.

Restless (4 Point Flaw): Your Recklessness Frailty is more pronounced, making it hard to concentrate on anything for very long. You are easily distracted and diverted from your purpose. Essentially, this is identical to the Flaw: Wyld Mind, except that it may even slow down the workings of your Spirit Pathways Birthright. (Storytellers should make sure this flaw is played)

Ghille Dhu

Nature Linked (3 Point Merit): You are tied to nature, in a good way. You have free "Survival" ability trait and are one trait up on all challenges when in natural surroundings.

Nature Bound (2 Point Flaw): You are tied to nature, in a bad way. You are one trait down on all challenges when in unnatural settings (like cities). Fortunately, this does not affect you when you are in a Freehold.


Nightsight (2-3 Point Merit): You can see in the dark with no penalty, and fog and mist (and even supernatural darkness) leave you at only a one-trait penalty. If a bright light suddenly comes on, however, you are at a 3-trait penalty for one turn until your eyes adjust. The 3-trait version of this Merit negates that drawback; your eyes adjust instantly.

Speedy Hammer (3 Point Merit): Your skill at crafting exceeds that of the average nocker. Your difficulty for building or repairing anything is one trait lower, and you require fewer successes on extended challenges.

Work with Iron (5 Point Merit): RARE Somebody has to forge those hated Cold Iron weapons, so why not you? This Merit is identical to regular Iron Resistance, except that your chimerical creations are likewise protected. You will still acquire temporary Banality from long exposure.

Troglodyte (1 or 4 Point Flaw): You are a throwback to your nocturnal, underground goblin ancestors and cannot handle bright light. You can see in the dark well enough (like the 2-trait version of Nightsight above), but unless you wear sunglasses, in sunlight, rooms lit by fluorescent overheads, or the like you suffer a one-trait penalty to all challenges. At 4 traits, you are completely blind in any light brighter than firelight (though this may be reduced to a 3-trait penalty by very dark glasses), and your eyes appear as luminous saucers in your fae mien

Foul Mouth (2 Point Flaw): You just can't stop cussin'. Other nockers can restrain themselves at the duke's court (although they may not try), but not you: no matter how inappropriate to the situation your dialogue is strictly R-rated (or even NC-17). You have the negative trait "Obnoxious."

Goblin Magnet (2 Point Flaw): Goblins think you're cool, and always want to hang out with you, play with your tools, test your unfinished creations, and helpfully convey to your patron or employer your complaints about him or her. No matter what you do, they just won't f*** off. They think it's funny when you're rude to them.

Disbarred (2 or 5 Point Flaw): You have broken nocker prohibitions and may no longer practice your craft legally. At 2 traits, you may be able to atone; at 5 traits the Bes Din has taken away your inventor's license forever. Either way, you are at a one-trait penalty in social dealings with other nockers, and if you continue to practice your craft illegally, you can expect to experience the wide range of time-honored penalties applied to those who violate union rules. (Storytellers should make sure this flaw is played and that all nockers know)


Good Listener (1 point merit): People confide in you even more than in your average pooka. You are one trait up on all challenges related to your "Confidant" Birthright.

Loud Voice (2 point merit): Some animal voices carry really, really far. So does yours. You can project your voice as far as a wolf howl can be heard (depending on the terrain). In open territory you can be heard for up to 5 miles. Requires a static Physical challenge against a difficulty of 6. (If directly observed by un-Enchanted mortals you must spend a Glamour trait as well.)

Calming Presence (2 point merit): Something about you soothes animals and small children. If your affinity is to a domesticated animal, you may use this Merit in animal form as well (by purring on little Billy's lap). You are 2 traits up on all relevant Social challenges.

Animal Speech (3 point merit): You can speak to animals of your affinity.

Call to Friends (3 point merit): When you cry (or howl or quack) for help, animals of your affinity come to the rescue, passing on the distress call up to a mile away. They arrive at top, but normal, travel speeds (no teleportation), and they might not understand right away just what it is they can do for you (although if you're being attacked it will probably be obvious). Requires a static Social challenge of varying difficulty; the number of animals to respond depends on your affinity and where you are (dammit, where are all the Massachusetts pandas when you need them?).

Wholecloth (3 point merit): Usually when a pooka shifts into animal form, non-chimerical items are left behind. This Merit lets you avoid leaving your wallet at the crime scene. Any mundane items you were wearing or carrying with you (not other living creatures) vanish, to reappear when you shift out of animal form.

Ooh, Shiny (2 Point Flaw): Your love of freedom has apparently extended to the point where you feel compelled to "liberate" small unguarded objects. When confronted with the opportunity to do so, you can resist only with a successful Willpower challenge (diff. 4) or the expenditure of a Willpower Trait.

Natural Urge (2 Point Flaw): Animals do some things that would be damn silly if people did them. So do you. An irrational and subconscious urge seizes you at inappropriate moments — either to chase cars, or lick your naughty bits, or attack the weak, or whatever. You may avoid this urge for an hour by spending a Willpower trait.

Mortal Inhibition (2 Point Flaw): For some reason, you find it prudent to stay in your animal form most of the time. Perhaps in your mortal (or fae) guise you are wanted by the authorities, or maybe you look too weird to pass for human, or you have some sort of psychological dislike of your human or fae form, or maybe you're just ugly. This can cause some difficulties, of course, especially in communication with mortals.


Faster (1 point merit): As in one who fasts. A redcap with this Merit can go up to 24 hours without eating, without suffering any adverse affects. By expending a Willpower trait, the redcap can go for another 24 hours, and so on, for as long as he has Willpower. When it's all over, however, he has to eat enough to make up for it, as soon as possible.

Granite Skin (2 point merit): This is similar to the Troll Merit: Stoneskin; the redcap has three retests per session for purposes of resisting damage. Unlike the troll Merit, however, there's a downside: the redcap suffers a one-trait penalty in all challenges involving moving quietly, thanks to the constant flaking and chipping of granite.

Unforgettable Taste (5 point merit): A redcap with this Merit has a knack for remembering the taste of everything she's ever eaten, and being able to identify it instantly if she tastes it again. Furthermore, the redcap can sense where the nearest supply of that taste might be. Good for finding your favorite chocolate — or where the rest of that damn pooka is hiding. This gives a +2 trait in tracking anything that is tasted.

King of Pain (3 point merit): You are a scary guy, even more so than other redcaps. You have two free retests per session on any Intimidation challenge.

Aversion (1-5 Point Flaw): Most redcaps can eat anything, but you have a violent allergy to some reasonably common foodstuff (common for a redcap, anyway). This should be something that will actually inconvenience you and not be too obscure or specific ("blue-handled safety scissors" no, "tools" yes). The number of traits depends on the allergy ("eggplant" would be one trait, "all vegetables" five). If a redcap eats something he has an aversion to, he must make a static Physical challenge (difficulty 6) to avoid vomiting the contents of his stomach. In addition, if he tries to do anything more strenuous than walk for the next half hour, he should make a static Willpower challenge (difficulty 4) to see if another attack of nausea hits.

Chicken Claws (3 Point Flaw): Some legends of redcaps give them chicken claws instead of hands or feet. Such redcaps, besides looking pretty silly, are one trait down on challenges related to use of the appendages (chicken claws for hands would lead to a penalty in Melee or Firearms [or Computer] challenges, while having poultry feet could lead to problems running or dodging). On the plus side, they're claws, after all, and may provide, at Storyteller discretion, one bonus trait in Brawl challenges.

Stolen Tooth (3 Point Flaw): Other old legends claim that a redcap may be killed only if one of his teeth is smashed on an altar stone. True or not, you believe it. Worse, you're a redcap, and someone has one of your teeth. Retrieving it is your top priority, to the point of mania. Maybe you even know who has it.

Pansy (2 Point Flaw): Other redcaps view you as soft and weak. Perhaps this stems from your fervent devotion to the Seelie cause, or perhaps you have the Flaw: Lifesaver and word has gotten out, or maybe they're just mistaken. In any case, you are two traits down in Social challenges against other redcaps (also effectively negating your use of the Intimidation Birthright against members of your own kith).

Carnivore (2 Point Flaw): The problem with eating vegetables or beer bottles is that 10 minutes later, you're hungry again. While you can digest anything like any other redcap, you only feel sated if you've had at least one hearty helping of meat today.

Sunburn (5-7 Point Flaw): Legend has it that the Unseelie and other creatures of nightmare cannot abide the light of the sun. Whether you're unseelie or not, your nightmare heritage has still made you violently allergic to sunlight (further fueling rumors that the Children of Lilith are descended from redcaps). You take damage from sunlight as if you were a vampire. At 5 traits, this damage is only chimerical; at 7, it is aggravated.


Voice of a Songbird (2 Point Merit): Your speaking and singing voice is exceptional, even for a satyr. Use of the Gift of Pan requires no instrumental accompaniment, and you have perfect pitch. You are one trait up on all challenges related to your voice.

Flexible Heart (2 Point Merit): Unlike many satyrs, you bounce back easily from emotional distress. You gain one extra Willpower trait that may be used (only) to control yourself in a situation where another satyr might overreact emotionally.

Sex Appeal (3 Point Merit): You're a hottie, or maybe it's pheromones. You are 2 traits up in all Seduction challenges and in other Social challenges related to charisma or appearance.

Inspiration (4 Point Merit): RARE The Gift of Pan inspires lust in those who hear it — but your songs inspire whatever emotion or reaction is appropriate to what you're singing about. Stir up a barroom brawl, or put everyone to sleep, or just make everyone feel empowered. The same game mechanics apply.

Gut Instincts (5 Point Merit): Animal instincts preserve you in danger. In cases where you would usually be surprised, you may act normally (in defense) by spending an appropriate Physical trait.

Hairy (1-2 Point Flaw): Male or female, your whole body is covered with hair, and males have untamable beards. At 2 traits your mortal seeming is so afflicted (although the fae mien will have the more spectacular hair growth). You have a one-trait penalty in all challenges related to your appearance.

Broken Voice (2 Point Flaw): When you speak or sing, dogs howl and babies cry. Worst of all, you don't realize it, and get angry when people tell you why they don't want you to sing "Danny Boy" again. You are at a one-trait penalty on all challenges relating to your voice.

Wishy-Washy (3Point Flaw): You are indecisive in a crisis. You must make a Willpower test (difficulty 4) or spend a Willpower trait to make a snap decision, or else lose a turn (in combat) or waste at least ten minutes (otherwise) trying to figure out what to do.

Parfum de Goat (3 Point Flaw): No matter what you do, you smell wicked bad. Your goaty musk makes other changelings suddenly remember appointments elsewhere (the polite ones; the rest just gag and run away). You're used to your own smell, and other satyrs (and the odd goat pooka) don't mind it. Against anyone else, you are at a 2-trait penalty in all Social challenges.

Issues (3 Point Flaw): You are insecure and unassertive — no good for a satyr. You must make a Willpower test (difficulty 4) or spend a Willpower trait to express needs and desires, or even to talk to that hot babe over there.

Sexual Hang-Up (5point Flaw): The idea of sex disgusts you. As a prudish satyr, expect ridicule or ostracism from your peers, and confusion from more or less everyone else.


Stealth Coat (3Point Merit): Most selkies' coats are actual coats, or wetsuits, or large belts embossed with pictures of happy playing seals, making them more vulnerable to attack or theft. Your seal "coat" is disguised as an inobvious object of any sort, and may be detected by a Kenning challenge only at a two-trait penalty. You, of course, always know where it is.

Any Port (4 Point Merit): RAREYou have the ability to withstand your "Longing for the Ocean's Shore" Frailty better than other selkies can. When forced to spend extended periods of time away from the shore, you gain Banality from this Frailty at half the usual rate (one every two days) so long as you spend a few hours each day swimming or taking long baths. Other selkies may admire your ability, or mistrust you for it.

Fish Out of Water (3 Point Flaw): (What else could I call it?) When on land you are two traits down on all challenges (instead of the usual one-trait penalty that afflicts your average selkie).


Popular (2Point Merit): RARE The commoners in your area all seem to love you. Perhaps you are truly a good and just ruler, or maybe you've just manipulated them well. Regardless, you are two traits up on all Social challenges with commoners. Other sidhe may view you as a rabble-rouser.

Ancient Pact (5 Point Merit): RARESidhe have various treaties and arrangements with Prodigals going back to before the time of the Shattering. You still have valid ties to one "kith" of Prodigals or perhaps Gallain (Silver Fang werewolves, Mannequin people, the Verbena, Clan Ventrue) and may expect their aid — and to be asked to provide same on their behalf. The details of the pact should be worked out with the Storyteller, but in general the more often you ask for help, the less effective and willing the help will be.

Empathic Blindness (3 Point Flaw): In any case, no matter how hard you try — if you even bother — you are simply unable to understand the needs and wants of Commoner Kithain, especially as regards their failure to accept rightful Sidhe rule. Their complaints about your fair and just policies make no sense to you. You have two of the following negative traits (or one twice) which apply in dealings with commoners: Callous, Condescending, Tactless, Impatient, Oblivious. These negative traits are valid even in situations where you're trying to order the peons around — and in cantrips involving the Fae Realm: Hearty Commoner. Except for the latter, this Flaw affects your dealings with Titled Commoners as well, the uppity little twerps.

Anachronism (2 Point Flaw): Your knowledge of the Waking World is several centuries out of date, and you are unable or unwilling to catch up. You must spend twice the experience points (and traits in character creation) to buy any "modern" Abilities.

True Fae (7 Point Flaw): RARE Yes, this is a Flaw… What happens to the human souls of mortal bodies possessed by the sidhe is a great mystery to everyone. Sadly, you know where the soul of your body is: it's still there, as you have not undergone the Changeling Way. You basically have the same options open to you for body-snatching and run the same risks of gaining Banality as the normal sidhe x2. Thus you gain 1 = 3 banality for you.You can feel all uppity that you aren't trapped in mortal flesh like some people you could mention, but that's really the only upside. –


Nightsight (2-3 Point Merit): You can see in the dark with no penalty, and fog and mist (and even supernatural darkness) leave you at only a one-trait penalty. If a bright light suddenly comes on, however, you are at a 3-trait penalty for one turn until your eyes adjust. The 3-trait version of this Merit negates that drawback; your eyes adjust instantly.

Dexterous Toes (1 Point Merit): Your toes work as well as your fingers for grasping and manipulating objects. This does not automatically mean you have extra actions, and holding something in your toes makes it impossible to walk properly.

Prehensile Tongue (3 Point Merit): Your freakish 2-foot tongue can grasp or wield objects (requires a static Physical challenge). You can also use your tongue to slap people or poke them in the eye; this does no damage, but characters so treated must make a Willpower test (difficulty 5) or spend Willpower to avoid losing a whole turn while being grossed out.

Friend to Spiders (4 Point Merit): Your spy network includes spiders and other arthropods, with whom you can converse clearly by making a successful Mental challenge. The creepy-crawlies will be generally well-disposed to you, but won't necessarily be your lackeys.

Fly Fingers (4 Point Merit): In your fae seeming, your fingers and toes end in little suction cups, allowing you to climb walls and hang from ceilings. One set of digits must be bare (take off those boots or gloves). Requires a static Physical challenge. Expect problems if observed by un-Enchanted mortals.

Puddle (5 Point Merit): RAREAll sluagh can contort their bodies, but you are not limited to the humanoid form: by spending a stamina-related Physical trait, you can turn into a puddle of goo and ooze through cracks, slip down drains, or whatever your viscous little heart desires. Moving in puddle form requires a successful Physical challenge, as does changing back to normal shape. Your chimerical clothing and items will change with you. In this form you cannot be harmed by anything other than magical means (cantrips, Treasures, various Prodigal powers) or fire. You cannot change form in front of un-Enchanted mortals, and moving in the presence of one may be tricky.

Gregarious (1 Point Flaw): You are friendly and outgoing, and so other sluagh hate you. You are at a 2-trait penalty in Social challenges with others of your kith.

Loudmouth (3 Point Flaw): A sad state for a sluagh: you just can't keep a secret. It's just too cool; you need to tell people what you've heard. You must make a Willpower test (diff. 5) or spend Willpower to resist telling any secret you know at the earliest opportunity.

Sunburn (5-7 Point Flaw): Legend has it that the Unseelie and other creatures of nightmare cannot abide the light of the sun. Whether you're unseelie or not, your nightmare heritage has still made you violently allergic to sunlight (further fueling rumors that the Children of Lilith are descended from redcaps). You take damage from sunlight as if you were a vampire. At 5 traits, this damage is only chimerical; at 7, it is aggravated.

Knows Too Much (5 Point Flaw): You are convinced of the awful truth: faerie souls continue to reincarnate down the scale until they hit sluagh, and after that it's oblivion. You are fearful of death and no longer see any good in the world (Cowardly and Callous negative traits). Worse, you've probably talked to enough wraiths to know that the Shadowlands are no picnic. It's hard to convince you of the urgency of anything. You'd rather sit paralyzed by fear, awaiting death's cold embrace.


Stone Skin (3 Point Merit): Another benefit of a thick hide: You have three retests per session for resisting damage.

Nature Linked (3Point Merit): You are tied to nature, in a good way. You have free "Survival" ability trait and are one trait up on all challenges when in natural surroundings

Blessing of Atlas (5 Point Merit): **RARE **You're wicked strong, even for a troll. You gain two free physical traits of Brawny and Stalwart that count in the mortal seeming.

Nature Bound (2 Point Flaw): You are tied to nature, in a bad way. You are one trait down on all challenges when in unnatural settings (like cities). Fortunately, this does not affect you when you are in a Freehold.

Shrinking Violet (3 Point Flaw): You are uncomfortable around non-trolls: maybe you're afraid of breaking people, or you worry they think you're stupid. In any case, you are 2 traits down on all Social challenges with non-troll changelings.

Yearning Soul (2 Point Flaw): You have a strong pull toward romance and love, and will always fixate (negative trait "Oblivious") on the most attentive fae or person around and seek to impress him or her — even if it means a crush on a sluagh or something. Trolls with both this Flaw and shrinking violet are rather pathetic.

Noble Houses:

House Dougal

Apprentice (1 Point Flaw): In House Dougal, "Apprentice" is synonymous with "Childling." You, however, have yet to complete your exemplar and be awarded Journeyman status — even though you are a wilder or even a graybeard. Perhaps you are incompetent, or perhaps you just had a late Chrysalis. Either way, you are not considered a "full" member of the House by other Dougal sidhe, who will tend to treat you as though you have one less Status (or Title) trait than you actually have.

House Eiluned

Gifted Liar* (3 Point Merit): You lie so well that even you think you're telling the truth. You gain a free retest on all Subterfuge challenges and when defending against any supernatural attempt to detect falsehood.

Guileless* (3 Point Flaw): You cannot tell a lie — at least not very well. Unlike most Eiluned sidhe, you are not immune to the Gwydion talent for detecting lies, and are two traits down on all Subterfuge challenges.

House Fiona

Jilted Paramour (1-3Point Flaw): You have an ex who hates you, whether Kithain (3 point) or mortal (1 point). One of you dumped the other, and now being around him or her is unbearable. Moreover, the ex knows many of your secrets and weaknesses and may use them against you. The value of the Flaw varies according to the influence, power, and position of your old lover.

House Gwydion

Unstoppable Fury (3 Point Merit): When you go into the fabled Gwydion frenzy, you gain 2 "Ferocious" traits until the anger leaves you. Hope you don't use them on your friends.

Judgmental (2 Point Flaw): You rely too much on your own prejudices rather than on your senses. The difficulty to detect lies is increased by 2. Also, you must make a static Mental challenge (difficulty 6) when speaking to someone, or else automatically assume they're telling the truth or lying, whichever you're already inclined to believe, without bothering to double-check.

House Liam

Religious Reverie (4 Point Merit): House Liam has long had a fascination with the church. You may gain Glamour from the religious inspiration of mortals, and are one trait up in more conventional aesthetic Reverie challenges involving religious art or music.

Ease of Enchantment (3 Point Merit): Your ties to mortals are so close that you may Enchant one who is nearby simply by spending a trait or more of Glamour. No token is necessary, nor do you need to make a test unless the Banality of the mortal is 8 or higher. Otherwise this is as "gentle" as token Enchantment and lasts as long. (Glamour expenditure for Enchantment is of course less than usual, as per the House Boon.)

Gwilliam's Man (1 Point Flaw) Your allegiance is to the Modernist-minded Duke Gwilliam of the Court of Tulips (the mortal Amsterdam), and as such you are considered an outlaw agitator by the Liam sidhe of Concordia. You are one trait down in Social challenges against Concordians of House Liam, who are expected to arrest you and have you sent back to Europe.

Lone Unseelie (2 Point Flaw): The Unseelie are not welcome in House Liam. You have recently changed Courts and are trying to hide the fact from your Liam peers. You've heard rumors of an "Unseelie support group" in the House, but finding them is problematic. If you are discovered, you can expect to be drummed out of the House — at best.

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