Lil Suicide

Lil Suicide


Player: Esteban Colon


  • May
  • Lil
  • Sue
  • Cilla Anne

Creature Type: Changeling

Kith Eshu

Court Seelie

Seeming Childer

Date of Birth: August 10, 2000


Mortal Seeming:
Cilla is a slender eleven year old child. She has long straight dark hair, large eyes and a piercing stare. Her eyes are a very soft brown. She has skulls tattooed on both of her forearms. She is a little pale, but doesn't seem to burn.

Fae Seeming:
Cilla has a year round tan in her fae seeming. Her ears are pointed and clothing is much simpler. A flowing top blouse and loose pants, tied around the waist make up her out fit. She still carries her backpack.

Everyday Outfit:
Cilla tends to dress in layers. A simple pair of jeans with a t-shirt and a jacket are normally. She will often wear long sleeve shirts, only showing off her tattoos in the summer. She's always carrying a backpack. It is about a quarter of her size, and seemingly holds her life. She tends to run around barefoot whenever possible and owns one pair of beat up boots.

Battle Gear:
There is generally very little different in Lil Suicide when she goes into battle. She tends to wield a small knife. That, or a water gun.


  • Gregory Anne
    • Father
    • Was drunk and homeless the last time Cilla saw him which was about six years ago.


  • Thinks Sir Evan is totally dreamy.

Daily Routine

  • Cilla spends most of her days running the streets exploring what's around her, or running packages illegally.
  • Sometimes Cilla ends up sleeping at Sunny's parents house.


This information is not public knowledge! Cilla would not have told you any of this:

When Cilla Anne was five years old, her dad came back from the army. He had been in there since she was a small baby and had only been home around holidays. This was huge for her. Her mother was a wonderful woman, and they were finally going to be a family. Shortly after her birthday, hurricane Katrina came through and changed everything.

Her mother died in the days following and her father, who was practically a stranger to her didn't know what to do. They huddled together after the storm and were able to move in with her grandmother. In the following year, her father became a raging alcoholic unable to cope with the loss of his wife. The grandmother kicked him out and began raising Cilla on her own. She hasn't seen her father since.

Two years later her grandmother died. She was old, it was bound to happen, but with no other family besides her homeless alcoholic father Cilla realized she had to run. No one knew she was staying with her grandmother, so she figured they wouldn't come looking for her.

She's been living on the streets ever since, doing whatever right she can and making friends along the way. Even being homeless, she's found others worse off than her and tries to help them out. Fearless, she often does odd jobs for dealers and street gangs for food and money, half of which she often gives to forgotten elderly and friends.

It was during this time she met other Eshu and learned about what she is. They adventured together for a time, but Lil Suicide (as they called her on the streets) wanted something different than her companions and they split ways.

Recently she's stumbled across the freehold, and figured it would be another adventure for her.


Lil Suicide at the age of six.

IC Contact Info

  • There isn't a good way to get a hold of Cilla unless you put the word out on the street that you're looking for her.
  • either that, or leaving a message from her over at Sunny's parents house.


  • How I got Over ~ Roots
  • Kick Push II ~ Lupe Fiasco
  • I'll Be Dat ~ Redman

OOC Information

Player: Esteban Colon

Time Zone: Central Standard Time

Location: Chicago, IL

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