Liam Hannigan

Liam Hannigan


Player: Matt McD


  • William "Liam" Hannigan
  • At Nero and RennFaire he is Sir Liam of the Fierce Heart, Knight to Lord Percival and sworn foe to the House Fianna

Creature Type: Changeling

Kith Troll

Court Seelie

Seeming Wilder

House Rising Sun *giggles*

Motley He's engaged to Nadia, does that count?

Titles: None yet

Date of Birth: October 31, 1990


Mortal Seeming:
Liam is tall, broad-chested and honest looking. His red hair is worn in a long warrior braid, but his face is clean-shaven these days. He has powerful muscles that ripple like coconuts beneath the skin when he moves. At 6'6", he weighs in around 230lbs with hardly any fat visible on him. His eyes may be the most striking feature of his despite his size. They are Purple, tinging to orange around the pupil and the pupil itself is greenish, causing his eyes to appear green when they are dilated. (Changeling's Eyes)

Fae Seeming:
Liam is every inch of nine feet tall with tiny horns sprouting from his forehead and bluish skin. His hair is exactly the same in either form and his fae seeming, if anything, more powerful seeming than his mortal. His eyes look exactly as they do in his mortal seeming and His muscles are the stuff of comic books.


Everyday Outfit:
Liam's preferred style of dress is medieval, with a green poet shirt, dark breeches and high, soft, deerskin boots. Sometimes when trying to dress more plainly he will wear jeans, a geeky T-shirt or a nice button up shirt depending on the occasion, and a pair of black chucks or brown work-boots. Oft times his medieval garb is complemented by his plastic, Chainmail and cloth-wrapped boffer Broadsword, which are highly polished and quite real in his fae seeming. Less real is the boffer shield he sometimes carries as well. Often he wears a dagger tucked in his boot and a green Freakangels messenger bag of writing materials. Tied to his belt is a Coin purse and a Dice bag.

Battle Gear:
Liam is wearing his chainmail, foam shield forgotten at this point. His dice bag and coin purse are worn out of the way. His hand rests on the hilt of his sword, rubbing it, ready to draw it at any moment.


  • James and Mary Hannigan
  • Parents
  • Apothecary Pete and Drab Mary
  • Liam's parents work at the Ohio Renaissance festival up near Cincinnati where they live. They aren't Kinain, nor is anyone in his family, but they're cool as shit.
  • Gwenevere "Gwen" Donaldson
  • Liam's Oldest sister
  • She's less cool than Liam's parents and doesn't approve of his LARPing or the family working Ren Faire. She believes Liam will burn in hell for role-playing. Liam is still her children's favorite uncle despite (or perhaps because of) these facts.
  • Gavin Hannigan
  • Big Brother
  • Gavin is less religiously fervent than his sister, but thinks his parents and brother are embarrassing. He's a huge redneck who lives in the low-rent part of Covington, KY with his wife, Two sons, Three dogs (one of which he swears is half dingo), Two cats, four ferrets and a Cockatiel.

Common Knowledge

Liam is majoring in Literature and Medieval Studies at Loyola.
Liam is engaged to marry Nadia though there have been a few apparent love triangles.
Before Nadia, Liam was involved briefly with Aryn before she left him for another woman.
Liam has only been a Ling since July.
Liam has aspirations of knighthood.
Liam once wrestled Count Diarmuid, apparently during a full moon because the Count was in full-blown werewolf form, He'd like to do it again.
Killed when the sword above his bed impaled his chest

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