Lamia vonNyx

Name -Lamia vonNyx

Kith -Sluagh

Seeming -Wilder


House- N/A

Title - N/A

Motley - N/A


Notable Traits- 5app, surreal quality

Nyx is a 6' thin, pretty woman, about 18 or 19 in Victorian goth clothes and a matching blindfold. She's very pale with a dark mohawk, and in her fae seeming she looks much the same, only taller and thinner with suckers on her fingers. She whispers when she talks. As creepy and disturbingly sluagh as she is, she still seems friendly.


She's generally dressed in dark greys and blacks, with occasional emerald, saphire, or ruby accents, in full victorian dress. She even matches the theme in her performing outfits, adding glitter and removing layers for an old fashioned feel to her contorting.

She's obviously blind, even without her blindfold, her head turns to follow noises, not movement.

Seeing her without her blindfold is very disturbing, as her solid black (no whites, no pupils) eyes focus on nothing, and don't even seem to move, you get the feeling that something terrifying is staring back at you, no matter which way she happens to be looking.

==Information known==
Nyx is a contortionist at the local fae carnival.

Family: Unknown

Helped save Murdock.
Went to the dreaming to rescue that one person that the player forgot.

== Rumors ==
She and Tre may have gone on a couple of dates.


==OOC Information==
Player - TroubleKitten

Location - Des Moines, Iowa

Contact info - moc.oohay|ytibbatsel#moc.oohay|ytibbatsel

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