Player: NPC


Creature Type: Kithain

Kith Nocker

Court Seelie

Seeming Wilder

House N/A

Titles: Assistant to County Nocker

Date of Birth: 4/24/1988


Mortal Seeming:
Kami looks like a typical steam punk obsessed girl with an obsession with building things. Take of the nocker parts and there is here mortal seeming.

Fae Seeming:
Kami is around 5'8 normally dressed but like a steam punker. She has burgundy hair and big brown eyes. She is often accompanied by the random goblin and always has a tool bag with her.


  • Dr. NFB
  • Uncle
  • County Nocker

Common Knowledge

  • Kami has a filthy mouth… But hey….. What Nocker doesnt??
  • She has worked for Countess Colleen before it seems her family has been tied to countess as inventors for many lifetimes.
  • Kami lives between My Bar and the county freehold.
  • Count Ashton did permanent damage to the agility of her hands when he tortured her.
  • Kami is plagued with a goblin infestation which often causes her many issues.


  • Ayrn and Kami have secretly wed and are planning a child of their own.
  • Secretly Kami is sleeping with Ashton has she is into pain.
  • Kami is assisting Dr. NFB in the creation of liquid trod.

Daily Routine

*Kami spends most of her free time with Aryn.
*Kami spends days locked into Dr. NFB's lab working on "projects."


Learned through roleplay.

IC Contact Info

  • Speak to Aryn or catch her at the bar or the workshop.

OOC Information

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