January 2010 Issue

• There is whispering that the trolls Aryn and Liam are plotting Duke Ashton’s death, especially after the wedding.
• Oh and Liam is in a love triangle with the Eshu Nadia, yeah you know the one that drove Sir Evan to drink, and the resident pooka of the freehold Nellie. Seems Liam and Nadia are in an off again on again relationship and poor Nellie got caught in the middle with whispered promises before the big blowout at Tori’s bar. Seems Evan may still have a thing for Nadia and that drove Liam into a fit of jealous rage.
• Speaking of Evan and things, word through the grapevine is that Evan and little miss Tori are currently an item. Of course her fiancée has only been in the ground for a few months now, oh you didn’t hear, the redcap was living up to his kith’s name and beating her then attacked Evan with cold iron when he went to intervene or so they say I mean for all we know Evan had his eyes on Tori for a while. He was killed, mortal’s claim suicide, but we all know better.
• Oh and don’t get me started on redcaps, seems the oh so lovable Victor has quickly moved on from his romance with the satyr Lorna (who seems to be MIA) and has been seen robbing the cradle with the baker’s daughter and also trying to get him a piece of big blue troll action.
• And on the topic of action, there is a new sidhe noble in town performing in the French quarter, lord forbid we get to see what though as we got ran off before we could get a better glimpse.
• So in nobility news, King Melige has threatened to take the county away from the fair and good Countess Colleen and her mother, but the man that every says has know heart and a wandering libido, Duke Ashton, stepped in and spoke in defense, thus saving the county.
• Duke Ashton has also stepped into the role of loving husband and quickly out again by cheating on his wife days after their marriage with his supposed mistress Nadia, who of course claims to despise him.
• Lord Rothguard has been putting the local nockers to work in making new House Fionna crests as they keep disappearing, sources say something small and green has been seen skittering about.
• Focusing on the animal kingdom for a moment, sources say that Sheridan is once again pregnant. Besides local scientists testing the waters of the city for drugs, what will this mean for her husband Fionn’s career? Rumour has it that Fionn is on the short list to play Arthur Curry better known as Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League Movie. Sources say his complete lack of personality and acting ability make him ideal for the role. Will he be willing to give up the role of a life time for his pregnant cat?

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