Iolanthe Rivers

Iolanthe Rivers


Player: Katie
*Disclaimer: This player does not run Cyber Scenes.*


  • The Green Lady
  • Glade Child

Creature Type: Kithain

Kith Ghille Dhu

Court Seelie

Seeming Wilder

Motley Jontu

Date of Birth: November 30, 1989


Mortal Seeming: She has long white blonde hair, and her eyes are gray/silver, she is very tall and lanky, and athletic looking. She can climb trees with the best of them. She is very beautiful, but looks quite shy and doesn't meet or greet people easily. Her beauty is almost ethereal, and she doesn't seem very approachable, although it is hard not to want to get close to her.

Fae Seeming:
She is a six foot tall green skinned lady. She has long white hair and silver eyes (Changeling Eyes) There are vines and flowers strategically placed to cover up the important parts of her nude body. She looks as if she has stepped from the pages of a fairy tale book. Her flower of choice looks to be magnolias, as it is the La. state flower. She looks delicate but very athletic, as if she has been jumping and doing gymnastics all her life. She seems to blend in the forest, as if the swamp runs through her blood.

Everyday Outfit:
She wears what looks like a tour guide/park ranger uniform, with her name on a name tag. The uniform is khaki or green in color with an emblem with Jontu's store's name on it. She wears socks pushed to her ankles, and brown boots for walking in the swamp, cleats are on the bottom so she doesn't slip. She also wears a pair of sunglasses to cover her eyes, as if the light hurts it.

Battle Gear:
She carries a knife with her, but other than that, nothing else.


  • Gregor Rivers

* Trust fund baby.
*Got disgusted with the way the corporate world takes advantage of the earth and took his family around the world, ala The Wild thornberries style.

  • Annabeth Rivers
    • Mother
    • Loves her family and is very wealthy on her own.
    • Follows her husband everywhere.
  • Daisy Rivers
    • Older sister
    • Very studious.

*Environmental lawyer.

*Ashton Rivers
*Older brother of Iolanthe
*Joined the Peace Corps.

Common Knowledge

  • She is very protective of the environment.
  • She does not like the nobles or the waste at court.
  • She doesn't make friends easily.
  • Her lover is Jontu.
  • She is pregnant with their first child.
  • She talks to the Bayou Lady.
  • She has her own private place.
  • She can talk to animals.
  • She can heal plants.
  • She has two deer that she raised since their mother was killed by a hunter.
  • She climbs and jumps and is agile enough to play in the trees.
  • She is much taller than Jontu.
  • She stole Jontu from a Chlurichan.
  • She refuses to pay taxes to Ashton.
  • She gets involved in protests involving the environment.
  • She goes to schools and can be hired by private insitutions to teach about the environment and how the corporations destroy the earth and the animals.
  • She once was arrested for sabotaging an animal research building.


  • She has known Mae since she was a child.
  • She was one in love with Mae and has since stopped talking to him since he broke her heart.
  • She still wears a necklace he gave her.
  • She does not talk to the Selkie.
  • She can heal animals and plants.
  • She is a beautiful dancer.

*There is really not much known about her.

Daily Routine

  • Everyday Iolanthe takes people on guided swamp tours. She teaches them about the swamps and how much good they are for the environment, how much they are needed. She teaches people not to be afraid of snakes and alligators, but not to get too close to them. She also talks to the squirrels, deer and raccoons in her swamp. She teaches about the plants that come from swamps and the trees, and how they have been there way before humans came. She talks about how the white man hurt the natives who once lived there, and how the land should belong to no man. She teaches about the circle of life, and how there should be balance.


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