Hypatia Desponia

Player: DevilBunny


  • Kleopatra Laskaris - her birth name
  • Mistress Desponia
  • Patti D

Creature Type: Fae

Kith: Satyr

Court: Unseelie

Seeming: Wilder

Motley: None as of yet

Date of Birth: February 14, 1992


Mortal Seeming:


Hypatia's mortal seeming is all alluring curves and feminine softnesses. She stands 5'8" tall and is a dark haired leggy beauty who inspires lascivious fantasies and naughty desires. Her heart shaped face is delicately boned and her features are refined and delicate. She has deep, soulful eyes, the sort one can get lost in and never care to be found again, a warm, welcoming smile on her soft, full lips and a kittenish crinkle to her dainty nose.

Not that most spend their time looking at her face ;) Especially with her abundantly full breasts, standing naturally firm and perky even as they seem to defy gravity. Her slender waist, generous hips and apple bottom give her a perfect hourglass figure. All these curves deliciously set off her leanly muscled, lanky legs making her quite the vision to watch as she moves.

As hot and sexy as Hypatia's body is, she also possesses that indefinable 'it' factor that draws eyes to her and has the memory of her linger in the mind. Self confidence, pride and her overt sensuality has her skirt the line between strong, independent woman and cold, cruel bitch by a hairsbreadth. Whichever side of the line she falls on for you, she does so beautifully.

Fae Seeming:


Hypatia's Fae seeming is all raw sensuality and alluring strength. Her statuesque, voluptuous, lissome form promises delights beyond all measuring, possibly beyond all enduring. She has a body built for sin and lechery. Magnificent breasts, soft and enticing, a waspishly thin waist, delicate and graceful, and a gorgeous ass, generous and covetable give her a delectable, hourglass figure. Dark horns, polished until they're gleaming, rise gracefully from her brow above the waves of wild, curly hair that flows down her back to the base of her spine. Passion's fire burns in her eyes, fathomless and dark, while her smile is all winsome temptation. All this, and a dainty, flirtatious little goat's tail and a pair of powerful and lithe goat's leg heighten the animalistically carnal nature of the lust she embodies. Still something reins it in, its the exquisitely imperial air that lends her a seductively, magnetic quality that is nigh irresistable.


  • Kristos Laskaris
    • Father
    • He's always found in the thick of things. He's a loud, large, gregarious businessman who likes helping people. He owns a diner, Aphrodite's Palace, a hardware store and a travel agency.
  • Tsoula Laskaris
    • Mother
    • She's the ultimate home maker and wife. She supports her husband in all his endeavors and her only regret is that they don't have more children.
  • Nikos Laskaris
    • Younger Brother
    • He's still in high school, a Sophomore, but he already knows the plans his family has for him. To marry a good greek girl, take over the diner then, after he has a family of his own, to break out into his own businesses. If it were up to him, he'd go to college and travel, perhaps pursuing a career as a musician.

Common Knowledge

  • Hypatia goes to one of the local colleges and is a psych major
  • Hypatia is a Domina and is into all sorts of kinky stuff
  • Hypatia's family is back East… but no one's really sure exactly where


  • Mistress D keeps a kennel full of Human slaves she's Enchanted into serving her every whim
  • Hypatia seduced the Duke's daughter on her wedding night which started a war that went on for 100 nights
  • Hypatia actually doesn't like sex, that's why she's into the Domina thing
  • Hypatia believes Redcaps are better lovers then trolls… ever been 'eaten' by a Redcap, mmmmmmmmm

Daily Routine

  • Kleopatra has classes Monday through Thursday so can be found on Tulane's campus those days. She tends to have her classes start after 11 AM and they end by 6 PM
  • Visits the gym daily, enjoying keeping fit.


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  • The most dangerous laws are those which inhibit the passions.
  • In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice.

― Marquis de Sade

  • “Love is a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables.”

― Sappho

IC Contact Info

  • Mistress D uses a service that takes messages for her, she returns the calls she wants to
  • Hypatia has a cell phone but doesn't give the number out casually


OOC Information

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