House Rules

Basic House Rules

  • Sex scenes are prohibited for characters under the age of 18. If someone is caught disobeying this rule, they will be ban from game.
  • Sidhes, Clurichaun, Selkies, Ghille Dhu, Nockers and Nunnehi are considered high approval. They require knowledge of the game, an extensive background, and ST Approval.
  • Sidhes require 6 months of play before you can apply for one.
  • Inanime and Kinain are not playable in this game and will be denied automatically
  • No title may be taken at character creation.
  • IC issues are to remain IC. If you have an OOC issue please take it privately to PM or speak with one of the Storytellers.
  • New characters have a 3 month grace period to change things that they may find wrong on their character, as long as said item has not been used in game.
  • New players are given Common Sense for one month.

XP Caps

  • For those with 100 or less XP, the XP cap per month is 10 (3 Per Game, 4 for Soft RP/Downtime).
  • For those with 101 + XP, the XP cap per month is 5 (2 Per Game, 1 for Soft RP/Downtime). This is to ensure longevity of the game

XP Expenditures
What you can buy with XP:
* Weekly: One Art, 2 Realms, 1 Trait, 2 Abilities (can't be same type)
* Bi-Weekly: 1 pt of Glamour or Will
* Per Month W/Justification: Influence and Backgrounds
* Purchasing Merits: Double the cost and with ST approval
* Buying off Flaws: Double the Cost, time and RP

  • All lores are subject to approval by ST and any lore above a three must be bought with EXP.
  • Influence can be purchased with 3 EXP and a good write up for your own character, but as certain influences can give off temp banality, we are allowing influences to be bought on your contacts and allies for the same cost. You may only buy influence for your contacts or allies and they may only have as much as your max attributes. Also, you cannot buy influences that you have on your character sheet, for your contacts and allies.
  • Arts that are not your three main must have a PC teacher, and a PC can only teach their own three base arts. This is to encourage RP. The art XP cost remains the same.
  • Only one advanced art may be purchased on a character and only if the player has played the character for 6 months. The second advance art will be up to ST Approval and after a certain time frame.

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