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After a brutal two year winter which finally came to an end on the 14th of November 2009, where half of Concordia was in the warmth of spring and the other in the cold of winter, spring was finally restored to Concordia. High King David AP Gwydion presumed dead for the past two years managed to breach the wards around Tara Nar with the assistance of an unknown group. David who had lost his memory and was travelling as a knight errant traveling Concordia known as Nial Peacemaker drew Caliburn from the stone and with the assistance of the same group freed the monarchs and after a conflict with Melige was able to restore spring to Concordia.

Finding that his wife Queen Faerilyth had been unfaithful with his cousin Baron Lieu ap Gwydion he released her from the marriage exiled them both from Concordia, which was later recanted to the terms that Faerilyth and Lieu could reside within Concordia during the time of fall and winter, and must reside nowhere but the Kingdom of Willow during spring and summer.

It became known that Morwen and David had been true loves in Arcadia and when they came to the flesh realm chose two children close to the same age and mistakenly chose siblings, making any relationship in the fae world taboo. When David returned as a grump his mortal seeming had completely changed and he has chosen to rebuild his relationship with Morwen.

It is also rumored that the same group who assisted David in reclaiming the throne were the founding members of a new secret society dedicated to keeping the balance of Winter and Spring, that act outside the realms of the fealty chain, whom the members are is unknown and the existence of this society is still questionable.

In New Orleans there is a midsized freehold that was recently held by Count Ashton AP Eilunid of the Unseelie court and has recently been passed back to the former Countess Colleen AP Fiona. Ashton and Colleen are mortal brother and sister though they do not see eye to eye they find themselves bound to each other through their mortal blood. They both reside at the county freehold Oak Alley Plantation.

Ashton is universally hated by those of the Seelie court due to his strong unseelie leanings and his rumored ties to former High King Melige and several of the darker secret societies, after several attempts on his life his court is held under the strictest protocol and more than one commoner and noble alike have disappeared under his watch.

Willows being the heart of winters rule, recovers more slowly after the return of spring, balefires returned to full blaze in the last week, but the unseelie presence is still strongly felt in this kingdom.

Other supernatural creatures, New Orleans is renowned for its vampire presence and despite the legion of Ann Rice novels this particular rumor appears to be true, all members of the New Orleans County enter Jackson square, the surrounding cathedral and areas of the Garden district at their own peril, the Kithian are not the only ones going bump in the night. Jackson square gives a temp banality for every 10 minutes spent in the area and at night it only grows worse with two temp banality every 10 minutes. So venture at your own risk.

Duchy of Delta Crescent
Duchess Lisette Levay: Born into a Cajun family in the bayous near New Orleans Lisette has a dark past which is not so publicly known. However none can mistake her to be anything but unseelie court. A member of house Eliuined, Lisette is known well for her fortune telling skills some have even heard she might be next in line to be the monarch of Willows.

County (Freehold: Oak Alley Plantation (Freehold x 4)

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Under the disguise of a bed and breakfast Oak Alley Plantation is only more beautiful in the dreaming. Those who call for reservations that are not of the enchanted nature find no openings available at this gorgeous estate. There guest cottages on the grounds as the second floor of the main house is off limits anyone but Countess Colleen, Duke Ashton and their families.

The grounds are very much alive the old trees that line the property seem to move on their own when people are not watching. There is a colony of pixies living within the great trees of this property that are often used to send out messages among the residents of the county. Though their numbers have decreased during the winter they seem to be recovering at a steady rate. The main house where the bale fire resides look similar into the dreaming though it takes on more of its historical appeals as it appears to be lit with candles and soft music of the crickets can be heard in the night.

The Great Room of the main house is the combination of the parlor and the den which is separated partially by a wall however the great archway keeps these rooms having a feeling of togetherness. The parlor room is elegantly decorated with couches and comfortable chairs that look to be from the late 1800s. The den houses the Bale Fire which burns from inside an old fireplace. There is a large comfortable rug in front of the bale fire for those who seek its healing. Also the room has a small sitting area that consists of a couch and two chairs that are in the style of the parlor furniture.
The dining room is elegant and equipped to feed a large group as it is often the countess hosts dinners for members of the county. Her brother Count Ashton however finds this to be in bad taste and does not host such dinners for the “lesser people” nor does he attend them when his sister has them. Much of the rest of the first floor is taken by living quarters for kitchen staff and the knights. In addition to servants quarters that are occupied by staff of the freehold there are two additional bedrooms that are used for emergencies that may arise.

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Barony (Dark Shadows Mask): Freehold x 3 (Bourbon Street)

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Just outside the paradox part of Bourbon Street the freehold has its share of issues. Perhaps this is why the Baron and Baroness never hold this freehold long. Rumor is the last Baron was lost to a nasty nervosa that took two trolls, an eshu, and a redcap to take it down after it decided to take up residence after killing the Baron. As this area was hit so hard by hurricane Katrina the fae population has suffered great loses to the banality and dark creatures that came to the follow the devastation. As a matter a fact taxes have not been charged in the Barony since the hurricane.
Rumor is that no charging tax is being done in hopes of raising the area changeling population. Though it seems instead it has become the barony with the highest fatality rank in the Kingdom of Willows perhaps Concordia. All changelings are advised to be careful when out at night for this reason. The days are not perfectly safe but night seems to always find their trouble in certain areas of the barony.

As for now there is no baron the countess has recently sent one of her knights a troll named Rothguard to oversee the freehold until another baron can be selected for the area. Baron Rothguard is known for his distinct lack of personality and an obsession for getting the job done. His stern demeanor leads many to believe that he is unfriendly but those who take the time to get to know him just come to find he is serious about his job.

Despite the paradox that is Bourbon Street many of the changelings still wish to try to restore the balance in this shaky part of the dreaming. Thus many changelings have opened establishments like bars, hotels, and shops.

Bourbon Street


Bourbon street itself is a paradox within the dreaming it is constantly shifting from a glamour rich dream filled landscape to a cold and dark banal place where nervosa and nightmares wander, this reflects the dual nature of bourbon street being both a haven for tourists who are out for a good time, and to see its old architecture and the commercialism and shameless merchandizing of the culture of the area.

Once one of the most glamour filled areas in New Orleans it has been corrupted by the masses of tourists and commercializing. Many think that perhaps if the mystery is brought back to this street it may regain its long lost glory. Now with the nights often filled with dark creatures in the alleys many fae travel in groups for safety. Even those with shops there do not allow their selves to become too comfortable of their surroundings as the overconfident fae on bourbon street often finds their selves lost to the banal side.

Local Carnival: Les Dessoule Femme Legere


Just outside New Orleans this once traveling carnival took up a home at an abandoned amusement park from Katrina repairing the rides they could and removing the rest. Once their lease was up the carnival owner found the location so profitable that he choose to buy the park. This diverse group has quite a few changelings working the park. The big top was added to keep the spirit of the old traveling carnival.

The cardinal is noted for the best place in the city to get ice cream and for the ever changing shows at the big top. There are amazing feats in the aerial acts and on trapeze; also the exotic animals are trained so well people often find their jaw has dropped open watching the act. People often come back because they know that the show is never the same twice as these carnies are true entertainers.

Those changelings that attend the carnival regularly can feel something is amiss about this place however they just cannot put their finger on it. All the changelings that work here seem to really enjoy their jobs and show no reason to doubt that. Jobs are regularly available for ride attendants and concession stand workers.

My Bar:

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My Bar is a located on Bourbon Street and is owned by a wilder Piskie named Tori Grey. It's just a small, hole-in-the-wall bar, staffed and tended to by the owner, open in the evenings, beer on tap, liquor and mixed drinks available on request.

This bar warmly welcomes commoners and any sidhe that wander it. This is considered a hangout for the local changelings that are just looking a change of pace from their day to day lives.

Mississippi Pearl (Showboat Casino (Freehold x 1))


The Mississippi Pearl known by many of the mundane as the Creole Queen makes its way up and down the Mississippi river from New Orleans to Memphis. They offer a four-day cruise, two plays, two variety shows, a little old fashion riverboat gambling (in costumes; outfits provided at a small fee), fine cooking, and a special afternoon storytelling session by Pearl.
Pearl, and wilder eshu, formerly known to the mundane as Pasty is known as the savior of this rare movable freehold that once had nearly dwindled away. Pearl stars in most of the productions on the showboat and is quite talented. She has developed into a wonderful actress and storyteller which is not very surprising considering her kith. The showboat focuses on a theme of older times and romance. Giving its passengers a feeling up stepping back into the days where the showboat was all the rave on the Mississippi.

Her significant other Quillian, a grump nocker, has taught Pearl much since she ran upon the boat many years ago. Pearl is a top notch river pilot however though not from lack of trying from Quillian she is all thumbs in the repairs and maintenance part of the boat. Pearl makes up for her shortcomings in the way of making the showboat a profitable success.
Duchess Lisette Levay ap Eiluned frequents the showboat at least once a year. Rumor has it she has given Pearl and Quillian the title of baroness and baron however other rumors say that their title has never been confirmed by King Melige.
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