February 2010 Issue

• The local renaissance festival is actually a sex orgy group being used by older men and women to draw in our young adults for sexual experimentation
• Jontu and the naked poison Ivy chick that like hardly speaks are actually ecoterrorists
• Seems that Liam the troll is expanding on his orgy group by looking to open a brothel in downtown New Orleans…
• Aryn might be stepping out on Kami for Kirah, who is Tori's real sister, even though Tori claims Aryn as a sister too!
• The renowned Reverend Zombie occult tourist trap has rumored to be killing small animals in the area for the use of the bones and other bodily type items. Rumor is the shelters are checking into the these allegations
• The lion pooka, Kirah, has returned to the county… Rumor is she was put away at a private institution for acts of a treasonous nature that have been covered up for fae society by money and dross bribes to the nobility in the area.
• Seems the newest Sidhe in the area has his eyes on a little pregnant satyr? Or is he just looking for a goat to warm his bed while he seeks a suitable match
• Duke Ashton has an unhealthy connect to his sister Countess Colleen that has caused quite the gossip within the royal and local courts.
• Bobbie and her band of merry childing have been causing quite the mischief in the local barony as they are stealing anything they can get their hands on to add to the treasure collection that they are storing away in their tree fortress. The main thing in the sight… Treasures and Dross
• Seems that the heartbroken squirrel pooka, Nellie, now has her sights on the Knightly Eshu, Evan, is this true and if so how will the very pregnant Tori Grey, Local bar and restaurant owner, take the news…
• Speaking of Tori Grey local serial relationship black widow… Seems Tori came from a trailer at the local carnival no more than 2 years ago and has managed to dates the My Bar owner who then disappeared… Acquiring his Bar…. Then moving to put her claws into Max owner of a local dance club who then was apparently killed in a deal gone south?? Rumor is she has also acquired his night club. And finally her last victim Jasper, redcap owner of the Nola restaurant… Seems he has even popped the question to Tori before being killed for attacking a knight of the county with cold iron, leaving Tori with another business… Chance??? Or is Tori slow acquiring all the fae owned businesses with her good looks and charm before getting them out of the picture…
• Rumor is Nadia is quitting her stripping job for her jealous Troll lover, Liam…
• Sarita is a mystery to us all as we all remember her to be an obnoxious child and now after no more than a year she magically own a flower shop in the downtime district and has aged to adulthood..
• Rumor is the new boggan by the name of Bat is passing off the Panera bread recipes as his own hoping to form his own chain from hard min wage paying work he did for them before moving to New Orleans
• The newest Eshu in the area Brandon is rumored to have women falling at his feet with no interest from him being returned… Is he gay?

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