Envy Gunderson

Envy Melissa Gunderson


Player: Kristin Cornett


  • Mozzie

Creature Type: Changeling

Kith: Boggan

Court: Seelie

Seeming: Wilder



Titles: House Boggan

Date of Birth: February 29, 1988


Mortal Seeming:
To mortal eyes, Envy is an average looking woman in her early twenties. She's cute, but not what you'd define as sexy. Her curly hair falls in honey colored waves down to just past her shoulders, her nose is slightly on the "pronounced" side and she has hazel eyes that tend to be either an amber/green or a copper/blue depending on how she's feeling. She stands at 5'6" and is on the husky side (as she would say not chunky, healthy).

Fae Seeming:
To those that can see it, her fae side is a few inches shorter then her mortal seeming. Her hair is wilder and seems to refuse to be tamed. Her eyes twinkle with an inner mischief as they seems to study every detail and her hands are slightly larger. The most obvious sign of what she is, is the twin tufts of honey colored hair that sprout from her forehead forming a second set of eyebrows. There is also a pale thin line that encircles her throat and disappears behind her hair.

Everyday Outfit:
No matter where she is working her style of dress tends to be comfortable. If she is at the freehold, she is usually wearing slacks, a button downed shirt and a pair of slip on shoes, her hair tied in a loose bun. If she is working with Evan and his crew, it is steel toed black work boots, a pair of overalls and a plain t-shirt underneath, her hair is tied back with a bandanna. If she off or selling her art in the market it switches to overalls or carpenter jeans, a "witty" t-shirt, her work boots and a random color bandanna.

Battle Gear:
Envy doesn't battle…not that she couldn't I mean she can fight but she chooses not to. She has a thing of pepper spray on her key chain in a little holster if that counts.


  • Marian Gunderson
    • Mother
    • Deceased
    • Her mother was French citizen, and a curator for the Louvre. She passed away in robbery gone wrong when Envy was four. Her mother is the reason Envy fell into art.
  • Richard Gunderson
    • Father
    • Alive
    • Her father is an American citizen and a retired con man turned construction worker. After Marian's death he took Envy and returned home to Baton Rouge. He is the reason Envy knows a little about everything and where she learned her carpentry skills.
  • Allison Cooper-Gunderson
    • Stepmother
    • Alive
    • Her stepmother is a family lawyer for Akers & Wisbar, L.L.C..
  • Mercy Mari Cooper-Gunderson
    • Half-Sister
    • Alive
    • Her half-sister is currently working on her degree in Psychology at Centenary College of Louisiana. She comes home on her breaks.

Common Knowledge

  • She is mute in both seemings or at least seems so.
  • She works for the nobility at the County Freehold
  • She transferred here around December or January from a freehold in Baton Rouge.
  • She knows sign language.
  • She tends to carry a sketchpad around with her.
  • She has a one bedroom apartment at the Forest Isle Apartments that she calls home.
  • She became fast friends with Diger once she learned he could sign.


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Daily Routine

  • Ask and you might find out :)


Her Favorite Quotes

  • "The Greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist."
  • "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
  • "Only in their dreams can men be truly free. Twas always thus and always thus will be."
  • "I laugh in the face of danger! Then I hide until it goes away."

IC Contact Info

  • By leaving a voice mail on her phone or texting her.
  • She can normally be found at the County Freehold, My Bar, or the New Orleans Museum of Art


OOC Information

Player: Kristin Cornett

Time Zone: Central

Location: Chicago Burbs

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: moc.oohay|9esumailahT#moc.oohay|9esumailahT
  • IRC: Kristin_OOC


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