Electra Strange

Name - Electra Strange

Kith - Pooka

Seeming - Childling

Court- Seelie

House- None

Title - None

Motley - None, yet! But the Army of Short Evil Ninja Children soon shall arise!

Notable Traits- She has an earthy almost musky smell about her.

Description- Electra is on the short side for her age, and is still rounded as opposed to edged. She has large, sweet brown eyes and two toned hair in brown and blond even when she's in her two legged form. Her nose is slightly puggish and she has a aura of both skittish and curious about her. When she is in her animal form she's an adorable, round, juvenile skunk. Her two toned hair both darkens and lightens leaving her black and white as opposed to brown and blond. Her big brown eyes are exactly the same.

==Information known ==

Family: Her mother, Theresa Dryburgh, who is rumored to be ill.

Quests: None. Unless you count that one time at the junk yard.

== Rumors ==


==OOC Information==

Player - Cam

Location - Disturbia

Contact info - Cam-Critter on IRC, moc.oohay|gnosrevyr#moc.oohay|gnosrevyr

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