Dr Lisle Burke

Dr. Lisle Burke


Player: Esteban Colon

Creature Type: Changeling

Kith Nocker

Court Seelie

Seeming Grump

Date of Birth: March 29th, 1969


Mortal Seeming:
In his mortal seeming Dr. Lisle Burke is an athletic man with a light build. Older than thirty and younger than fifty he appears to be a relaxed but demanding college professor. Always seen with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache, Dr. Burke doesn't allow his hair to grow very long. He wears glasses. They seem to come in handy for when he wants to glance over them when expressing extreme levels of sarcasm of disbelief.
Blunt, foul mouthed and honest, Dr. Burke speaks with a voice of authority.

Fae Seeming:
In his fae seeming, Dr. Burke's skin is more pale. His ears and nose are extended and skin seems tougher. His hair is translucent white and looks as though he has a bald shimmering head. His cheeks and nose have a faint reddish hue to them which makes him look slightly intoxicated. He is always wearing a chimerical tool kit, no matter what clothes he's wearing.

Everyday Outfit:
Dr. Burke tends to be found wearing a pair of khakis and a button up shirt, that obviously began the day crisply ironed and holding a tie, but now has the first button undone and the sleeves rolled up with no sign of the tie from the morning. His sharp business shoes clack as he walks by but stop on a dime. His glasses are thin, framing his gaze rather than obscuring his face.


  • Esme Burke
    • ex wife (Picture)
    • Lisle courted Esme for years, marrying her after earning his bachelor's degree. Things didn't work out between Dr. Burke and his Pooka bride. They divorced and he moved as far away from her as he could. In her presence he either completely melts or experiences moments of rage that would make other Nockers cringe. In her defense … she deserves both.
  • Elliot Burke
    • Son
    • Dr. Burke's eldest son was fourteen during the divorce and hasn't spoken to his father since. Elliot's always been a upstanding young man and a born leader. He'd be 24 now.
  • Donte Burke
    • Son
    • Two years younger than Elliot, Donte was an artistic child always creating new worlds out of whatever was around. Donte created books and books of mythological creatures and worlds. He seemed to have a better relationship with his pencils and crayons than with other people.
  • Melissa Burke
    • Daughter (picture)
    • Only six when he left, Melissa was the accident Lisle was closest to. Her first word was "fuck" (which Lisle got in big trouble for). She took the VCR apart by the age of 5, and marveled over her dad's books and inventions. She's the only one of his children who responds to his letters.
  • Charles Burke
    • Father
    • Demanding, rigid and retired. Charles lives in Florida in a small home, enjoying his golden years.
  • Sandra Burke
    • Mother
    • Honest to a fault, Sandra's the mother who says, "No honey, that's not a very good drawing, but I still love you very much."

Common Knowledge

  • Is a college professor


  • Had to leave his last position because of an affair he had with the principal.
  • Spent a small stint in prison.
  • Invented something big, but had it stolen by someone who is now very rich.

Daily Routine

  • After breakfast, he gets up and goes for a jog
  • He does not use the bathroom at school, unless he's there the entire day.
  • Goes out for a smoke break between classes.
  • Stops by the library twice a week to pick up and drop off books.



  • Thanks. Figured we're both in a fucking bar. We might as well be somewhat social. If we wanted to be a pair of lonely cunts we coulda stayed home, right.
  • I present the goddamn challenge. It's your cocksmoking job to live up to it. So if you fuck up your scholarship, don't blame it on me.

IC Contact Info

  • You can find his university e-mail online.
  • He has a cell phone, but rarely gives it out.
  • He cannot be found on any social network.
  • He can be found in bars and coffee shops near the freeholds and university.
  • He can often be found at radio shacks, hardware stores and junkyards.


  • Killing in the name ~ Rage Against the Machine
  • Hooker with a Penis ~ Tool
  • Big Ole Butt ~ L.L. Cool J

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Player: Esteban Colon
Time Zone: Central
Location: South suburbs of Chicago

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