Name: Destiny Temple

Kith: Eshu

Seeming: Wilder

Court: Seelie




Web of Shadows

Notable Traits

Human Seeming A gorgeous young woman in her late teens (19), raven colored hair flowing down to her waist in tiny braids adorned with tiny white beads faded to look like bone, hazel eyes that show a darkness to them.

Fae Seeming: a young woman of what seems to be middle eastern descent with long black hair flowing to her waist slightly covering her pointed ears, with black eyes that seem fathomless and ever changing, tanned lightly glowing skin

She wears a black tank top or corset, with a black wrap skirt while working in the shop

a long sheer black top over the tank top with black leggings when not working
showing her 5'2" slender frame

She also tends to wear a black top hat much similar to reverend Zombie's only a bit smaller

5 appearnace traits

==Information known ==

Her birthday is January 26th

She is a young woman who lived on the streets until she went through her change.

She was befriended by a satyr named trev and a piskie named Tori

She was caught stealing from a sluagh named Reverend Zombie somehow she managed to survive and became one of his employees in his voodoo shop on Bourbon street.

She was soon endeared to the Rev and he has taken her into his home training her in his arts of Voodoo as his apprentice to one day take over for him when he is gone.

She has definately started to become a bit darker in her attitude since moving into Reverends place

She has gotten even closer to reverend perhaps even loves him but no one knows she found out she is pregnant due in may

She has become good friends with fellow Eshu Nadia and her fiance Liam

She was sent into premature labor when a cop tazered her and had a baby girl 10 weeks early but the baby was healthy enough after a couple weeks in the hospital to come home


She never mentions anything about her family

Reverend Zombie - Boss, Mentor, Lover

Evangeline Ravenia - her and Rev's daughter


== Rumors ==


==OOC Information==

Player: Brandi Cantrall

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