Captain Pearl

Captain Pearl


Player: NPC


  • Patsy

Creature Type: Changeling

Kith: Eshu


Seeming: Wilder


Motley: Quillian



  • Quillian
    • Significant Other
    • Grump Knocker

Common Knowledge

The Mississippi Pearl known by many of the mundane as the Creole Queen makes its way up and down the Mississippi river from New Orleans to Memphis. They offer a four-day cruise, two plays, two variety shows, a little old fashion riverboat gambling (in costumes; outfits provided at a small fee), fine cooking, and a special afternoon storytelling session by Pearl.

Pearl, and wilder eshu, formerly known to the mundane as Pasty is known as the savior of this rare movable freehold that once had nearly dwindled away. Pearl stars in most of the productions on the showboat and is quite talented. She has developed into a wonderful actress and storyteller which is not very surprising considering her kith. The showboat focuses on a theme of older times and romance. Giving its passengers a feeling up stepping back into the days where the showboat was all the rave on the Mississippi.

Her significant other Quillian, a grump nocker, has taught Pearl much since she ran upon the boat many years ago. Pearl is a top notch river pilot however though not from lack of trying from Quillian she is all thumbs in the repairs and maintenance part of the boat. Pearl makes up for her shortcomings in the way of making the showboat a profitable success.


Duchess Lisette Levay ap Eiluned frequents the showboat at least once a year. Rumor has it she has given Pearl and Quillian the title of baroness and baron however other rumors say that their title has never been confirmed by King Melige.

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