Brandon Dondarrion

Brandon Duncan Dondarrion


Player: Karl

Creature Type: Changeling

Kith Eshu

Court Seelie

Seeming Wilder

*Affiliated with House Fiona



Date of Birth: ???


Mortal Seeming:
In his mortal seeming, Brandon appears to be a young man in his late teenage years, he has shoulder length wavy black hair and unnaturally luminous green eyes, his face echoes the sharp angular features of his changeling seeming. He is tall standing at 6 ft 2" and a lithe with muscled arms and shoulders from two years of constant training and fighting as a guardsman.

Fae Seeming:
In his fae seeming, Brandon's features have a more angular tanned caste reflecting his Eshu heritage, his slightly pointed ears are concealed beneath his hair, and his jade green eyes stand out even more against the tone of his skin (Gorgeous x 3, Seductive x 2, Surreal Quality and Changeling Eyes)


  • None

Common Knowledge

  • Orphaned During the Last Winter When His Mortal Parents & Himself Were Hung by Common Extremists.
  • He Once was a Titled Knight Sworn to a Baroness of House Fiona, but opted to leave service when his Liege Lady was killed.


  • Is a Spy for the Local Nobility

IC Contact Info

  • Be in the Right Place at the Right Time.

OOC Information

Player: Karl Fox

Time Zone: Eastern

Location: NC

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: moc.liamg|lrixofk#moc.liamg|lrixofk
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  • IRC: Karlooc
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