Bat Cook

Player: Matt McD

  • Bartholomew "Bat" Cook

Creature Type: Ling

Kith Boggan

Court Seelie

Seeming Wilder

House Tollhouse Cookies!

Motley N/A

Titles: Bachelor of the Culinary Arts

Date of Birth: April 20, 1987


Mortal Seeming:
Bat is on the shorter side of average but still average in height with curly, sandy-brown hair cut short and no appreciable facial hair. He's a little on the fluffy side, though more toward the Sean Astin side of things than the Sam Kennison side. His brown-green eyes are bright and quick, indicating the keen intellect hiding behind his slow, Cajun patois.

Fae Seeming:
Bat is shorter and plumper than his mortal seeming, though his eyes are still bright. His hands are calloused from years of hard work. His curly hair is a full blown 'fro in his fae seeming and he has two pairs of eyebrows, either of which a muppet would make any muppet proud.

Everyday Outfit:
Bat usually wears a simple, clean, white chef's smock and jeans. His feet are clad in comfortable boots with non-slip soles. Under the Chef's smock is a plain, baggy, white T-shirt. He wears a Do-rag in his mortal and Fae seemings to contain his hair.

Battle Gear:
Bat's dressed exactly as normal, with a rolling pin in hand.


  • Cynthia "Cindy" Cook
  • Sister <Kinain>
  • Owner and Head Chef of "Black and Boule" which once belonged to Bat's now deceased grandfather. The restaurant and sister are both in the next province over.
  • "Uncle" Brian Carpenter
  • Bat's personal Mentor and honorary uncle
  • Brian's a baker who works at "Black and Boule" who specializes in their signature bread bowls, which they serve all of their dishes in. A Boggan who taught Bat everything he knows about Ling society as well as much of what he knows about breadmaking.
  • Geoffrey Cook
  • Grandfather <Deceased>
  • Granpere or Grampie
  • Original owner of "Black and Boule" Geoff or "Grampie" raised Bat for as long as Bat can remember, his parents both being dead shortly after Bat was born. Grampie was an exceptional cajun chef and Taught Bat his love of food in general and how to cook cajun food. His specialty was crawdad potstickers.

Common Knowledge

Bat is an exceptional, professionally trained cook from Louisiana. He's looking for work in New Orleans and living in the Baron's Freehold for now. He works with a small retinue who work with him everywhere. He is exceptionally blessed by the dreaming, in that he has the blessings of his kith even in the face of mortal witnesses who are told his skill is all some special god-given talent that cannot be taught.

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