Aryn Stoneheart

Name - Aryn Stoneheart

Kith -Troll

Seeming -Wilder



Title -

Motley -

Notable Traits- Huge Size, Changeling's Eyes

Description- Aryn is enormous. She's not just tall for a woman she's tall for a Troll. Her eyes are a pupil-less splash of color that is in a state of near constant change. Her hair is dark blue, complimenting her lighter blue skin. She speaks with a deeper contralto, although quietly. She tends towards leather in her clothing, or failing leather she is in basketball shorts and a tank top.

==Information known==



== Rumors ==

BoA Duvet
Disturbed Indestructible
Gorillaz Dare
Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Korn Twisted Transistor
Mindless Self Indulgence Bitches
Oohmph! Zero Endorphine
Tool Vicarious

==OOC Information==

Player -Cameron Clemmer

Location- Denver, Co

Contact info - moc.oohay|gnosrevyr#moc.oohay|gnosrevyr

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