Your character at creation can take three Arts that it can learn on its own. They must have a teacher for any other Arts.

Clarifications to ARTS:

Legerdermain: Ensnare: (Page 134 SH) With this Art, you can animate the features of an area so that they trap or hold a person; even if convenient features (tree limbs, cables, etc.) are not available, a successful use of this Art makes the target believe there are. This costs one Glamour Trait to enact, and the victim of Ensnare must make a Static Physical Challenge to break free, with a difficulty equal to the Kithain's current Physical Traits at the time the Cantrip is cast (Traits from Bunks count). If the total traits double the target's Physical Traits, it is unable to break free until the Ensnare fades. Changeling's or targets that are Ensnared are able to fight back. Vampires with supernatural speed and strength gain an additional trait for each level of the power being used aka a vampire with puissance gains +5 but not the bomb or win all ties however they may use the might retest, a vampire with celerity gains their extra actions but does not get the bomb or win all ties if applicable. This power often allows for Fair Escape, and the Ensnare fades as soon as the caster leaves the area (based on the Realm level Used; ie Scene: The Closet), the Static Challenge is won, or when 10 minutes have passed.

Primal: Elder Form: (Page 140 SH) When using this art you are limited to getting traits and health levels equal to your bunk (max 5) for this art.

Soothsay: Dance of Destiny: (Page 144 SH) Do to the fact that we wish to see a true loss from asking Fate to assist you in such a way you may sacrifice a treasure, a companion, a chimera, or a permanent glamour. However if you have an item that is core to your character’s existence you may petition Lady Fate to accept it, but realize that in doing this she may refuse you and it can back fire as stated in the art per the book.

Metamorphosis: Mythic Transformation: (Page 184 SHPG) Due to the destructiveness of this power all forms should be PRE-APPROVED with your Storyteller and listed on your character sheet. Please note that the name of this art is Mythic Transformation thus you cannot use video game characters, cartoons, comics, and ect. Instead these forms are from myths and lore.

Kryos: Crystal Prison: (Page 186 SHPG) The second rule for extra health levels on the prison are not in use, the maximum number of health levels on the prison is therefore 6, we are being nice and giving one automatic and 5 extra for a five point bunk, suffocation requires that the character imprisoned burn through all their physical traits (including WP refresh) The character acts normally throughout the round working to break the prison, and at the end of each round must make a static survival check. Any damage done to the character through arts or by mundane means is considered to damage the prison. If the victim of this power uses a art such as Prometheus fist or Eldritch Prime focusing on fire, these powers are considered to cause one automatic level of damage against the prison per round on top of any successful attempts by the character to break free(Fire melts ice after all)

Kryos: Coldheart: (Page 187 SHPG) The maximum damaged that can be done to a character that is coldhearted is 4 levels of damage once this amount of damage is done the character then breaks out of cold heart automatically. Also if not damaged the affected character that is coldhearted can test every scene/hour to break free of the art. Remember the duration of this art is one scene per bunk trait. As stated in the SHPG you cannot make this affect any more permanent unless on a willing target.

Key Notes

Greymare/Changeling lore is considered the same thing so it can be purchased with your free lores.

For guidelines for gaining temp banality and permanent banality please refer to Pages: 84-85 in the shining host.


For casting cantrips we will be using the Shining Host Pages 153 – 159. Please refer to the Bunk section of this document for clarification on Bunks.

*Failure to successfully cast a cantrip awards a temp banality. *


Storytellers should be advised that Dross is rare and should not be given out like candy. A single character should not be given more Dross than you would give them Experience traits for downtime activities or game. This doesn’t apply to the exp caps it’s merely a rule to avoid abused and to express the value of dross.

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