Ailin Maher


Player: Patrick


Creature Type: Fae

Kith Satyr

Court Unseelie

Seeming Wilder




Date of Birth: August 19, 1986


Mortal Seeming:
A satyr who sees himself as a ladies man. He stands about 5' 8" with the body of a toned gymnast. He has dark dirty blonde hair with green eyes.

Fae Seeming:
Ailin still stands at 5' 8" his body toned to that of a gymnast but his kith is visible with horns protruding from his forehead and his legs like that of a goats covered with dark brown fur. His eyes even more green then in his mortal seeming.

Everyday Outfit:
Ailin wears jeans and a wife beater on a normal basis with a different silk shirt each time unbuttoned.

Battle Gear:


Common Knowledge

  • Belongs to the Kith Satyr


Daily Routine

  • He is usually on his spare time playing celtic melodies with his set of Panflutes, other times he seeks out what he wishes to do.



IC Contact Info

  • Can be reached by phone
  • Usually found at the Freehold


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